A DAY question~

  1. I have always loved the day style but what has kept me away from possibly buying one is that the drop is not long enough for me. I don't like to carry bags that are right under my armpit~ I like a little space~ this is just my preference. Maybe it's b/c the ones at the store are BN and stiffer but does the strap stretch at all? IF SO MAYBE I'M BETTER OFF LOOKING FOR A REALLY USED ONE ON eBay AS OPPOSED TO BUYING BN.

    THANKS FOR ANY INPUT! I know there are a lot of day lovers here so help!!!
  2. The day definitely starts to stretch and slouch more as you wear it. I personally loved my pre-owned day much more than the new day I got at NM (which was returned) because it had the slouch already. The new one felt stiff and tight and didn't hang nicely and I knew that I wouldn't wear it until it fit like my pre-loved one (which it wouldn't unless I wore- good ole catch 22).
  3. The drop is plenty long to hang on your shoulder even with a heavy coat on. Also as you use the bag it stretches and becomes YUMMMMMMMYYYY.
  4. That's so how I feel!!! I really would prefer a broken in one so much more then brand new!
  5. Yep the handle stratches and it becomes more and more easy to carry, mine drop nicely and fit easily over a coat.
  6. My Day fits the best over my shoulder (and stays there) over any other bag I own. You would not be dissapointed!!! It is so comfortable. I love my City/Twiggies but they slide off my shoulders all the time. The Day is the best for the handle drop and the way it stays in place.
  7. Huuuuge drop on the Day. The zipper part (very technical, aren't I?) tends to sag down in the middle, so when the bag is new or laid flat it looks like there isn't much room, but as soon as you start putting stuff inside it starts to pull the zipper area down and increase the drop. Mine started her life as carry-on luggage, so she was broken in pretty well early on.
  8. I just got a pre-owned black Day and I LOVE IT! I think you might want to get a pre-owned one since the strap will already be stretched out a bit. Once you get one you will be glad you did.
  9. I think the shoulder strap drop on the day is one of the most generous...you just have to take out the stuffing as your personal items won't likely fill the bag completely. Here's a pic of me modeling a rouge vif day, you can see there's lots of arm-pit room even with it mostly stuffed:
  10. I agree, the strap leaves plenty of room and it's a very comfy bag. My problem was that I didn't find it flattering on me for some reason. :sad: I LOVE seeing it on everyone else though and think it looks great!
  11. Even brand new, the drop is fine and the bag will fit even over a coat and will STAY. The appearance of a Day lying flat for photos is unfairly deceiving as to the roominess issue.
  12. That's how I feel~ it didn't look good on me when I tried it in the store.:sad:
  13. WOW!!!:nuts: Rock~oops!~ I mean REAL~ that is crazy gorgeous!!!:love: Love the day in that color!!!:love: It looks the BEST on you!!!!!:heart: :love: :heart:
  14. Yes~ if I decide to go for the day I willl go for a broken in used one!
  15. I thought the day was too long at first, but what I love about it is that I can jam pack it and it still looks decent, and I can run around with just a wristlet and cosmetic case and it still maintains a great slouch. Now the drop- its AMAZING! I have one of those HUGE & BULKY northface jackets, and it fits so comfortably on my shoulder, with room to spare.