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  1. I was havin yet another heart attack after yesterday...My LV overnight delivery NEVER came The Boston Store forgot to send it out.
    They guaranteeed it here by 10 AM today..WITH a gift.......
    Its 955 AM...FEDEX JUST PULLS UP..ROFL(PHEW!)I swear I thought they screwed up AGAIN!LOL!
    The Neverfull MM is ADORABLE!The Mini trunks and bags Pochette is the CUTEST LV bag I have ever seen in all my life..I freakin LOVES IT.Its TEENSY but I ll find a use for it(before my 11 yr old sees it and claims it!LOL!)
    On to the GIFT they sent for my pain and suffering...ROFLMAO...Its cute....Not too bad....something I can use...or my daughter once again will claim...HEHE!
    Let me load pics for you.....
  2. Oo can't wait to see!
  3. ow can't wait to see pics!
  4. i wanna see~~ i wanna see~~~ hurry Jill!! :graucho:


    oh btw, what color is your nimbus?!!
  5. So..Here is my little(!) gift..LOL...2 decks of MC LV playing cards....no big deal..BUT cute.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. [​IMG]
  8. This is the MM size neverfull bag...VERY cute IRL..I likey!
  9. Congrats!! It's Gorgeous!!
  10. loooooove it!!! congrats.. plz post modeling pics :P
  11. oooh..I like your gift!!! congrats! yeah, model pics for the neverfull pls!!!
  12. Wow brilliant stuff! And love the cards, they are so twee
  13. congrats!!! The Mini trunks Pochette
    Very Cute:woohoo:
  14. Adore the trunks and bags...hot stuff!
  15. Ooo..I LOVE your gift! So cute :love: And congrats on your bags, I especially like the Neverfull.