A day in the life of your BBag! Share you stories!


    Here is the place where you can share what your beloved BBag does, day and night!

    Please take pics and add a little story to explain what she/he is doing! If your stuck check the LV thread!

    Share your stories! xx:tup:
  2. I'm gonna LOVE this thread!!!! Will post asap!!!
  3. Here's my Anthracity at 9000 feet up in the Grand Tetons, where she went on a hike. She met some great rocks, which reminded her how lovely she looks next to sandstone.

    She's a great traveler, was slung here and there and never showed a single sign of stress! She spends a lot of time camping and travelling.

  4. ^ Yay great start! Whew, I bet she was tired after that hike!
  5. This is were my Aquamarine city hangs out while I'm work. Its a small place and its boring but its safe and cozy!
  6. it is just started but i'm in love with this thread :heart::heart::heart:
  7. ^^ me too! i wish i knew how to post pics better, then you could see my grey DAY sitting next to me on a magazine while i'm at work :sad:
    she's bored...

    melisande - :heart::heart::heart: your post! too funny :roflmfao:
  9. They don't have to be great pics...I took mine with my phone! :yes:
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
    that would be awesome - then we can talk about the latest trends in high waisted pants (yuck!) and how to make our thighs thinner later tonight :tup:
  11. ^^ thanks g!
  12. I'd loove to post some pics, but I can't at work! :p
    It's just too obvious..

    Love looking at everyone's pics, though!
  13. Ha, this thread is too cute! Melisande, you must have the fittest, most adventurous bbag out there.
    My bags are having a quiet day at home today, as, like me, they have a cold. Here they are all having a little sleep.
  14. Haha! ^ Great my cornflower is going to a leavers assembly today! So pics will be coming!