A Day In The Life Of Vanessa Hudgens: Lunching, Dog-Walking & Sucking Up Energy

  1. Gorgeous High School Musical vixen Vanessa Hudgens appears to be making the most of her time off. While the teen starlet isn't canoodling with boyfriend and co-star Zac Efron she is often spotted at random Valley and Hollywood destinations. Yesterday Baby V filled up her day lunching with mother Gina in Toluca Lake, walking her cute puppy around the neighborhood, and sucking up a smoothie to regain her energy from the days events.

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  2. she is very pretty
  3. i love her cardigan!!!!
  4. shes so tiny
  5. shes cute!
  6. I like her Ed Hardy hat...very different

    she always looks cute too!
  7. She is cute!!
  8. She always looks so adorable!
  9. she looks good!
  10. Cute