A day in Atlanta, with some new LV! REVEAL!:)

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  1. So it's my DBF's birthday tomorrow and we got away from the country of tallahassee and came to the city for the weekend. I decided to surprise him with a little something, and treated myself to something as well, IM GLAD I made the change!
  2. Of course I'm always present on
    every live reveal :biggrin: bring it on sweetie !!!
  3. Bring it on!!
  4. Let's see it!!!! :smile:
  5. Ok give me like 15 minutes to get to my hotel... LOL
  6. Lenox Mall or Saks at Phipps? Here waiting to see your goodies! :popcorn:
  7. Cant wait to see what you got :smile:
  8. Oooh in our turf lol. Where are you staying at? In Buckhead? :heart: it there! I'll be in Atlanta tomorrow sometime, but not for any goodies! Can't wait to see what you picked up!!
  9. Here!
  10. Ok I'm here! I went to Lennox and jam now considering transferring over to Georgia Tech! If not maybe Georgia State!

    So I sold me never full in mono last week cause everyday school use in rainy Tallahassee was NOT doing it justice!

    So I made this new purchase and I'm very happy with it! (but now my delightful purchase will be postponed one week LOL)

    So here she is !

    Also, my DBF had the LV card holder and I always saw all of his cards stacked on one another and it drove me NUTS! So I upgraded him to this one which is much more practical! He loves it and now were print matching!
    image-3938539669.jpg image-1506882836.jpg
  11. Sorry for pics I tried to take them on my iPad and there is no flash! Lol
  12. Congrats!!! Very nice haul!

  13. So cute! His and hers! How does he like the card holder? Considering getting my DBF one...
  14. He loves this one! He doesn't like regular wallets cause he hates bulk, this one is great cause he can put so many cards and even some cash with no bulk. The other LV card holder only holds 2 cards... Who only has 2 cards nowadays?! Lol I recommend this one or the Macassar card holder (he was between the two). That one does nit fold open but does have more slots in the back.
  15. Congratulations!