A day full of BLING & surprises!

  1. Today was me & my bf's 3 year anniversary... we both took a day off work & he got me a bouquet of roses... we had agreed to drive to Banff to pick up my MC pastilles chain, so off we went. It was really windy & scary on the highway... while we were there I wanted to get the mono key holder as well, but he told me to think about it first, & that we could always get it in Calgary.

    We had dinner reservations at the Calgary Tower (many thanks to Karman), & after we had parked our car, he pulled out another LV shopping bag with an LV box inside!!! He wouldn't let me see it yet, so we went inside to get our table. It turns out, he had known that I've wanted the key holder, so he bought it the day before! When I opened it up, there was an engagement ring tied to one of the key loops. He got down on one knee & proposed!
    proposal 005.jpg proposal 014.jpg proposal 016.jpg proposal 018.jpg proposal 021.jpg

    Congrats!! I am SOOO happy for you!!!!!!!
  3. congrats!!!!! such a cute story!!!!!!!!
  4. Congrats! & Happy Anni & engagement!! :biggrin: How ROMANTIC!!
  5. WOW!!!!!!!!! What a GREAT story!!!! Congratulations on your wonderful news- and wonderful fiance!!! Best of luck to you both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. WOOOOOOWWWWWW!!! Thats a serious B-L-I-N-G!!!! Congrats!!!!!:yahoo:
  7. OMG! How sweet! Best wishes!
  8. HOLY COW!!! tHAT IS SOOO COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! I love your proposal story! That could've been on that show on TLC "A perfect proposal"!!!

  9. Wow..that is one stunning engagement ring you have there!! Congratulations on all three 'new' things!! that is so neat:yahoo: :yahoo:
  10. omg!!!!! that is sooooooo sweeeeeet :smile: congrats!!!
  11. That was so romantic! Congratulations!
  12. I love how the key holder and the MC pastilles chain will always be "extra special" for you now! You should pass those down as heirlooms, especially with a story as great as that one attached to it! :yahoo:
  13. OMG how exciting!!
    What an overwhelming day ahha, did you start crying??
    Aww he's soo cute with the whole idea of where to put the ring.
    That ring is stunning btw!..
    CONGRATS on everything, its a day you will NEVER forget huh?!
  14. This is the most wonderful news. Congrats, everything looks wonderful, you are very lucky. Good luck for the future:heart: :heart: :heart: :tender: :love: :love: :love:
  15. ohhhhh hon!!! Congratulations!!!! And I agree with the heirloom thing... and what an AWESOME FIANCE!!!!! how great! and good luck... happy new year to you!!