A dangerous obsession with pearls is about to begin...pics!

  1. The FedEx man dropped off my pearls today!!

    These were supposed to be a "test run" for merchandise quality of the site where my boyfriend plans to buy my pearls for our anniversary (pearlsonly.com). I ordered a bracelet, a pair of earrings, and got a pair of earrings for free for spending over $75.

    The packaging was professional, and the things I ordered came in a very nice gift box and soft purple pouches were included to store my jewelry safely.

    Here's the entire loot:

    I really wanted white pearls as my first piece but I'm saving that for DBF's present. I didn't really want to own two strands of white pearls...yet. These are pink freshwater bracelet, 7-8 mm, AA quality. I can definitely see some surface blemishes and the pearls aren't perfectly uniform (colour and shape), but hey, I spent only like $50 on this bracelet...great for every day wear and a great "whatever" piece I'd say! :tup: The colour looks really weird in my picture (and there seems to be a great variety of colours, maybe it's the pearls reflecting off light at different angles?) but IRL it's a light peachy pink and the colours don't seem as off as they are in the pic...


    Next up: white Japanese Akoya earrings, 6.5-7 mm, AA quality. They are AMAZING IRL. My pics do not do these earrings justice. First off, the colour of one of the pearls look off in the pic but I don't see the colour difference IRL...the luster is AMAZING even for just AA quality (they are SO SO SO shiny...and has the pink and aqua "iridescence" I love in pearls) and they are perfectly round. I have to look very carefully to find the very slight blemishes on the pearls. And the size looks great on my lobes too...I didn't want gigantic pearls and I'm thinking I may pick out the Akoya 6.5-7 mm AAA quality bracelet as my anniversary gift after seeing these gorgeous Akoyas :yes:


    Modeling pic:
    I have these on right now and can't stop taking them off to admire them!


    Last one, freshwater lavendar earrings, 6.5-7 mm, AA quality (button shaped). This is the bonus gift that came with my order. The site rotate gifts every day and I just happened to get these gorgeous earrings. I believe the promotion today is black freshwater studs. Not sure why they look so "off" in this pic...maybe the left earring is a little tilted.


    Overall, I am very satisfied with my order. Including shipping, duties and taxes to Canada, my order came to...$107 US I think. They were also having a limited time offer and whatever I had to pay in taxes/duties, I got back as an e-gift certificate. I also now get 15% off on all future purchases too. I can see myself buying lots and lots of pearls from them in the future...:graucho:

    Anyway, thanks for letting me share my excitement with you. These are my first better quality pearls and I can't wait until DBF orders my AAA pearls for our annivesary...I definitely won't be going back to fake/cheap pearls after these!!
    pearls1.jpg pearls2.jpg pearls3.jpg pearls4.jpg pearls5.jpg
  2. wowww!!! those are very pretty Karman!!! Just a warning, pearls are addictive!!!:graucho:Welcome to the world of pearls!!!:yahoo:
  3. Karman, these are so beautiful! I love the pic of the earring on your ear - perfectly suited for you, and the lustre is gorgeous!

    Will you please model the lavender ones too? :graucho:
  4. Oh, those are really pretty, makes me want to break out my pearls again.
  5. Oh Karman, the japanese Akoyas are gorgeous! You're making me want a pair.. ;)
  6. Wow...those are really good prices. And very pretty pearls.
  7. congrats they look beautiful and for a good price!
  8. Lovely pearls! I began my pearl addiction this summer! I completely understand where you're coming from!
  9. Pearls are very chic and elegant....looks great with jeans and a t, as well as dressed up and fancy...

    They look great!!! congrats!!!

    Also, you might want to try ross-simons.com or overstock.com for more bargains on pearls..
  10. Those are gorgeous karman! I love the pearl earrings, especially the white ones! And the price is much MUCH better than Tiffany & Co, eh? ;)
  11. Of course, here you go:


    azia: yes, definitely MUCH better prices than Tiffany!! The one my DBF is getting me is $389.99 US, and the pearls are 6.5-7 mm AAA quality...I don't think Tiffany's pearls are AAA! Pearls are such classics and to me the brand name doesn't matter, so the lower the price for top quality pearls, the better!! :graucho:

    And I wore my Akoyas and pink pearls today...I love them!! My friend loved the pink freshwater pearls, if she were a jewelry person I would totally get her a bracelet too for Christmas (but she never wears jewelry). The pink pearls are gorgeous under the University's lighting...I found myself being distracted by the pearls numerous times today :heart:
  12. I totally love pearls too but I dont know what to wear with them. Its so classt and yet I'm afraid that I cant carry them well. Not to mention that I dont know what bag to carry if I'm wearing pearls.
  13. I wore my pearls today with jeans and a pink flutter sleeve top. It looked great :tup: I don't think you have to be dressed up to wear pearls. (Well the bigger ones like 10mm+...maybe...)
  14. Purple + pearl = MINE! I've been waiting for someone here to order from pearls only, since I've been wanting a AAA black pearl necklace/earrings for a LONG time - I'm so glad that your order went smoothly. Me thinks I'll have to get pearl earrings in every color now. :smile:
  15. wow. Congratz. What a great loot!! Thank you for sharing your experience with them. I would so go online and order now for a white pearl strand.