a cute little story and a question about charms

  1. My boyfriend and I swung by the mall yesterday because I wanted to see if they had any Coach stuff on sale at Macy's. UNFORTUNATELY my Macy's is crap and everything was regular price.

    We headed over to the Coach store to see if they had the bag i'm planning on purchasing sometime this week or next (!!!!!!!!!!!) and they did! I just wanted to look at it, but my darling boyfriend picked it up and made me hold it. THENNNN he made me un-zip it and see how wonderfully roomy it is and how beautiful the lining is (it's the Signature Ergo Hobo, btw). And what do you know, that devil of a boyfriend...he made me try it on and HOLY CRAP IT WAS LOVE. Sadly, I don't have the money saved for it yet, so I had to leave it there :crybaby: Now I want it even more than I did from just looking at it online. I'm hoping that I will own it by this time next week. *sigh*

    Does anyone use the charms as a keychain? I really like the Legacy Handbag Charm and would LOVE to use it for my keys, and I just wondered if anyone else did this and how it worked for them? I don't have a ton of keys to put on it, just my car key (complete with one of those lock/unlock/starter things) and my house key.
  2. Absolutely! There are tons of us who use our keychains as charms and vice versa. They seem very versatile, so go for it!
  3. Oh!! I thought you were going to say that there was a ring inside the bag, or he told you he'd buy the bag for you!!!!

    I actually never put my charms on my bags, I always just clip them onto my key chain. I have 2 initial charms on my keys now, and they are light enough that they don't add alot of weight.
  4. I use my charms on my bags, but they absolutely could go on keychains too. In fact I got my best friend's sister an "L" charm for her birthday last year, and she uses it on her keys. :smile:
  5. I use 2 charms for my keys...the skull and the fish. The other one I have (the watermelon) I hook onto my Hamptons bag when I use it.
  6. Maybe he is going to go back and get it for you as a present?!?!? Just wanted to make sure that you LOVE it first!!! I hope you get it soon!!!
  7. I just use a plain keyring and then hook a charm on it. :smile:

  8. my thoughts exactly!!
  9. I agree w/ the above posters!!!!! It HAS to be a gift!!! You BETTER let us know when you get it!!!!
  10. If he isn't planning on buying it as a gift, let me know because he deserves a smack upside the head! That kind of behavior is always a set-up for surprising a woman - any man ought to know that!

    And the charms are wonderfully versatile! They absolutely can be used on keys!

  11. Well, I told him that I want to be there in the store when I get it because it's just SO exciting! I have this feeling though...i'm trying to save up for the bag (and a mini skinny and a charm) and I know he'll pay for it. Just the way he is. He spoils me, but I TELL him not to so he can't hold it against me later. :graucho:

    Oh I *HOPE!!!* I have it by this weekend. I'm pretty sure of it. :wlae:
  12. :lol::rolleyes:

    That's almost exactly what my ex would do. One time we went into Coach in Carmel, came out with nothing. Later that evening he said if I had been in a better mood and not treated him so "badly" that day that he might have gotten me something. :rolleyes: Maaanipulaaation!
  13. I use the trigger snap keyfob and hook a charm to it. Mostly I hang them from my bags though.

    My RAOK Buddy, Mariadele, sent me the sneaker keyfob and it is one of the cutest I have ever seen! My daughter has been lusting over it, so I'm going to pick her one up next week -- she's a cross-country runner and when she turns 16 this year, she can use it for her keychain!