A cute little reveal.

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  1. Hi Friends, a delivery box came today. Who's here for a reveal?

  2. mmeeee
  3. Let's see!
  4. Tada, a little black patent clutch. Let me know what your thoughts are and thanks for letting me share. :smile:



    The clutch family:


  5. Very pretty, and love your clutch family! Congrats!
  6. You 'need' a RED. Lol.
  7. I agree, on the hunt for it. Kick myself for not getting it before the increase. Let me know if anyone see it the store or online.:smile:

  8. I love your clutch family!! So pretty!!! Congrats!! I only have one clutch (black caviar SHW) and I love her! I agree that you need a red to complete your clutch collection :smile:
  9. Love them all!!!
  10. very pretty!! love your clutch family!!!
  11. Congrats! What season is the black patent from? This is one piece I think I will regret if I don't get!
  12. Those clutches are gorgeous, congrats!
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    :smile:very beautiful I have been looking for the patent one , if you don't mind me asking how much was it? and did you get it at the boutique?
  14. Beautiful pieces! And I agree with Serrazane - you NEED a red! LOL. Let the enabling commence.

  15. Congrats! Love the clutch collection!