A cute little reveal!

  1. I was at TJMaxx this morning picking up baskets to organize my closet when I caught a glimpse of this lil cutie in the clearance section :nuts:!! I've been trying to hold back on buying any bags (bought 2 Balenciagas and an Alexander Wang in the past month) but this one was too cute to resist:yahoo:. I've been wanting a Hamilton for awhile now, so maybe this lil bag will curb my appetite until the next big MK sale :biggrin:.

  2. Congrats!!! Omg that is super cute!!!
    We are twins. I love mine.
    What kind of discounts did you get?
  3. I love it..Congrats!!
  4. I believe it was $49.99. Do you have the same color? Do you know the style name?
  5. cngrats on ur purchase
  6. I saw this bag in Vanilla on clearance at TJs too, congrats on your great buy!
  7. It's sooo cute!!! Congrats!!
  8. I think that bag is so cute! Great buy.
  9. Congrats on your great deal. We're bag twins... fraternal that is... I have one in orange but did not get it on sale... be happy sista! I love mine and it really fits quite a lot. :biggrin:
  10. What color is this? Oasis blue? It's really pretty...
  11. Thanks everyone! The color is what caught my eye. I love this shade of blue. It's a fun little bag - I think it's the perfect bag to take to theme parks (I live in Orlando) :tup:
  12. I think it is. Thank you!
  13. Cute bag, congrats!