a cute little pouch for my keys

Aug 22, 2006
got this just before christmas -- it's made of lambskin and very cuddly! it holds my office keys, car keys and house keys all quite nicely, and wasn't too pricey -- around 340, as i recall. (the color is rose shocking, though my camera didn't capture it very well.) if you click for the larger picture you can see the cute whip-stitching detail. (gratuitous horse pic also included for your viewing pleasure!)

no - i can't recall what the name is. this is larger than the vespa pouch, and holds much more -- i have one of those, too, but i can't get all three sets of keys into it. i use the vespa for my cellphone.
Ooh, sooooo beautiful and such a gorgeous color. And the little pouch is very nice, too!

Always happy to see horse pictures, gratuitous or otherwise!