A cursed bag? :o

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  1. Have you noticed that some bags just seem to lure in trouble? I just realised that I may have a couple of bags with a serious jinx on them.
    This morning, I checked the weather before heading out. The sky was cloudy but that's it; no sign of rain or snow. No mention in the forecast either. When I walked out the door with my Longchamp Roseau 5 mins later, it had started to snow and the wind was blowing.
    On the way to the bus stop I started looking back and I remembered that almost every time I've left the house with the Roseau, the weather has taken a sudden turn for the worse; a year ago I was touring job interviews all day and I was faced with similar weather conditions - completely and out of the blue, a storm of wet snow and wind came over and by the end of the day, I was soaked from head to toe. I can't remember a time when I got to enjoy my lovely black goodie without having to cover it so that rain or snow won't get into it. The Roseau seems to draw in bad weather.

    Another troubled purse is a Boss bag that always ends up with a water/soft drink/juice bottle spilling its contents in the bag; the poor thing has had to deal with so many mishaps that I now keep a towel in it so I'll be able to mop up the wet contents. Because something always spills, leaks or sprays. :weird:

    Does anyone else have a bag infested with a curse/bad karma? Please share!
  2. Handbags no. Hair? Yes, most definitely :whiteflag:
  3. Hell yes!
  4. Black Togo birkin, took it out when it was new and a friend accidentally spilled an entire cup of coke into it, i also went through pretty tough stuff the years I've had it. Sold it and the bad luck along with it. Even the way I got it from the store was quite shady, a "friend" got it for me after I paid for her hotel and airfare and she was actually doing a reseller sideline buying trip on my expense. Seriously good riddance!
  5. I've noticed that I never have a good day when I carry my Gris Tarmac Bal City. Nothing majorly bad, but something not good always seems to happen when I carry that bag, whether it's delays on public transportation, unexpected rain, rude people, that sort of thing. I never carry it anymore and should sell it, but it was my first Bal so I haven't worked myself up to selling yet.

    Interesting thread!
  6. LOL! Thanks for the laugh! Totally agree......................

    Good riddance, indeed...what an a$$!
  7. :ghi5:
  8. I haven't had any unlucky handbags - but I've had unlucky jewelry.

    A white gold and diamond flip flop pendant: always had a financial reversal when wearing it; the markets ALWAYS dropped when I wore it, I usually lost expensive items and bills came in higher than expected.

    On the other hand, I also have a few pieces of lucky jewelry: a pair of mesh earrings which, when I wore them, I always receive the phone calls I have been waiting for.

    I don't like to think I'm superstitious; I hate the idea of it, even. But I'll admit that I do tend to "purify" jewelry when I buy it these days (clean it in distilled water, smudge it with sage, and then allow sunlight and moonlight to flow through it for 72 hours).

    Even that didn't help the flip flop though; I eventually melted it.
  9. Interesting...:coolio:

    I hope not, I spilled an entire bottle of water in my BV woven cervo hobo the same week I bought it in '14 and it's one of me favourite bags. I never usually carry bottles of water in my bags so I sort of felt I cursed myself by tempting fate by doing so. I felt I should carry the guilt not my bag.
  10. I sometimes wonder about the energy carried by pre owned and vintage bags jewellery etc. . .hmmm. . .
  11. Interesting thread..........never a handbag or jewelry, although I'd love to have a pair of lucky earrings!!! I did however have a skirt that I swore every time I wore something bad happened that day. I think after no more than a half dozen wearings, I got rid of it.
  12. :lol: I know the feeling...
  13. Hmm is right ..fascinating angle.
  14. Not cursed but just seems to buy itself trouble.. my deerskin purse is very light in color and always inevitably gets itself dirty, i don't take it out in rain, am cautious on the where am i going and nope.. gets dirty, figures because it is the lightest colored purse i own. :rolleyes:
  15. As far fetched as this sounds ?? I believe it to be true !!! I've always felt some purses to be more lucky than others. As a matter of fact, as much of a purse flipper that I am, the Prada I'm carrying right now is one that I feel is incredibly lucky, very good vibes on this one, and as tempted as I am to change, nope, can't do it. :nogood: