A curious question for luggage owners!

  1. a friend of mine bought a 2nd hand keepall from one of her friend. when she showed me her new baby, I noticed that her keepall is just beautiful, so it touches me nerves:idea: . later, I go to "eluxury" to check how much keepall generally cost (so far, I don't own any luggage:drool: ), I find a new question. The pictures on the eluxury shows there are a lether strap on both sides of the luggage, but my friend's does not have it. Her keepall only has two lether straps on the front and back sides, not on the two end sides. gosh, I hope you guys understand what I am saying, sorry for my terrible English!

    anyone give me some suggestion? my friend's keepall is fake!:confused1:
  2. I think I know what you mean. Not all Keepalls have the vachetta straps at the end. Not sure whether it depends on the size of the bag or the vintage. I have a Keepall 55 and has the vachetta coming down on either side under the handle, but not at the ends.
  3. are we talking about the bandouliere vs the "normal" ones? in that case, the things are for the shoulder strap.. if I understand things correctly
  4. I just googled for images of Keepalls, and now I think whether the straps are at the ends depends on whether the bag has a carrying strap or not. It looks like Keepalls without carrying straps don't have this extra trim on the ends...

  5. :yes: :yes:
  6. Sorry, cross-posted with Sweetlove. She said it much better!
  7. They ares sold both with and without straps- ones with straps cost $230 more, btw.
  8. Voila-

  9. Thanks guys, I surely learned a lot! :smile: The one my friend owns, it doesn't come with the shoulder strap, so in that case, I guess that why it doesn't have straps on both ends.
  10. Great visual valley!
  11. i like it without the strap :smile: