A cure for the Hermes Tech-enabled girl?

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  1. Most everyone I work with uses a Blackberry. I see them day in and day out. I have one, and some of my girlfriends have 2! :wtf:

    I can not BRING myself to use its case. A hip holster does not work for me, period. If I were to drop it in my H bag, it would scratch it up like nobodies business! My bagmate does not fit in my smaller bags, so I am at an impass.

    I KNOW I'm not the only gal stuck with a Blackberry, hating the case. I know at least one TPFer uses a Vision zip (I have one too) but I don't have room in mine with my cards and checkbook.

    I'm out of ideas, PLEASE tell me one of you gals has already cracked this problem!!
  2. Blackberry these days are rather small. I guess you can even use a Karo PM clutch to store it?
  3. I use a planet cell phone case.
  4. I just throw mine in. By the time it gets scratched up, you'll want a new one anyway. Also, who has time to get it out of the bag, then out of a case when the phone rings?
  5. i was going to say a karo too.
  6. Initially, I thought the Vision would do it... but the case closing with all my cards usually ended up calling someone! :push: LoL So now I just need something quick and easy, but I'm not sure if it's out there.

    Do they make Karo in Chevre? If its soft and squishy, it'll end up calling people. Which is a weird call to answer... when someone is calling you from inside their bag!! :push:
  7. my karo is chevre. can you lock the blackberry like you can most cells so they don't call anyone without you dialing?
  8. the karo would be perfect and it comes in chevre
  9. ^^ Yup! But if it's locked, and zipped up, and in my bag... it really begins being a race to get it before the caller hangs or goes to VM! <<sigh>> I usually end up hand carrying it, outside my bag a lot.

    Some of my time-sensitive friends have just broke down and started keeping it on their hips! It's cute on them, but makes me look kinda like a cable guy installation man :p (minus the plumbers crack)
  10. i can't stand the on the belt look. seriously. its like "high tech at the ok corral" oy. but i think a karo would be great. i've been keeping my cell and misc things in there and just leave it upsnapped most of the time and it's fine. i find it takes longer to dig for my cell than knowing where it is and getting it out.
  11. Hmmm good point! So that really works for you! Brilliant. Looks like I need to swing by Alaska store or give my S.A. a call...

    Do you think the plumbers crack thing would be ok if I accessorized it with a Barenia Thong? Perhaps I should have them look for one of those, too... :p
  12. Angelfish -
    I just got a Planet like HG mentioned yesterday. Pics in this link (more of the phone case on pg 4 of the thread): http://forum.purseblog.com/hermes/consolation-188623.html
    My phone's a Blackjack (similar size to Blackberry?) Hope this helps.:tup:
    Oh, BTW - it's soft-sided, so no matter what, you may want to dig up the phone user's guide and find out how to lock the keys. DH used to have a blackberry and it was always redialing and calling me from his pocket. LOL

    ETA: oops, sorry, didn't read carefully enough to see that you already talked about the locked keys thing. But that's weird - you shouldn't have to unlock it to answer a call if it's ringing, only to dial:confused1:
  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  14. LOL Angel, but I could not even fathom you ever looking like a cable guy!

    I think a chevre karo would be great!:tup:
  15. OMG THAT IS FRIKKIN ADORABLE! Why have I not seen a planet before?? I love that. And I love Karo. Time to go back to H and have S.A. pull out every single one of her drawers out again, because even Hermes has nerds! And if that wasn't 100% clear, it's ME who is the nerd in this town.

    And yes, Crochetbella, I could most definitely look like a cable repairman.
    Preferably Jim's Version, not Larry's... can you imagine, walkin in Hermes...
    Git R Done!!!