A cups only ... What do you do for bathing suits??

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  1. Hope you get a nice tan!
    I used to never wear bikinis for the same reason til two years ago. Then I thought, "if not now, when?" and now I have 6 sets. Post pics so I can be tempted to get Juicy bikinis too. ;)
  2. Thanks guys. I will post as soon as I can; probably won't be for another month (after vaca). Hopfully I can help someone just like you all helped me!
  3. ^^Ooh very cool! I just bought a pair to try them out!
  4. ^^ I thought we were all embracing the anti-chicken cutlet mentality! :roflmfao: Remember we don't "need" these, right? Let us know how you like them.

    aliwishesbear, I think Joke said that pads generally do absorb lots of water (and I guess that's whay most swimwear don't have them in).
  5. You're so right P-B. But I guess since my bikini's don't have anything in there my nipples always show. I didn't know if these were thin or thick. Well one is definitely thick since its a push up, but the other one I couldn't tell.

    And I am definitely a swimmer which is why I don't have pads in any of my bikinis...I like to jump in the water and not have to wait for hours for my bikini to dry. But I thought maybe a thin liner would help the nipple coverage though. =)

    Let us know how they are Sailornep!
  6. just wanna say hey! this thread makes me feel better to know that there are other gals out there with a small chest like me. I am a small B and have been putting off going on holiday with my family for the longest time- but all of the advice here has made me decide to go bikini shoppin!
  7. LOL, hey I am not against chicken cutlets....it's just that on me, it's ultra noticeable that it's fake since 1) there is no cleavage, and 2) the cutlet would be heavy and hang, which would emphasize the "gap" I have in between my chest and the bathing suit! I think the second option (the triangle pads) will be pretty obvious (and I checked out the sample pictures on the Bravo website....I think it kinda looks fake on the model), but the first option that just pushes from the side....I'm hoping they will help push what very little I have! We'll see!:shrugs:
  8. Aliwishesbear, don't people put bandages on their nipples when they wear dresses? I'm sure it'll work the same for bikinis.

    I live in Canada...but I've been to Victoria Secrets many times. I never had a problem finding an A cup bra. Don't they make that PINK line in even smaller sizes?

    P-B, you're my exact same bra size, height, and weight...but I'm always a size zero. How do you fit into a 2? Is it just the different stores that make the sizes different? You know, it really sucks that I can't fit into FOREVER21 dresses. The store is new to Canada and everything is soooooo nice. Too bad breast implants arn't more reliable.
  9. Okay - reporting back about the Bravo pads I purchased...I personally don't like them. Even though I got the ones that just push from the side, the triangle part of the pad is big and when tucked into my bikini top, looks fake since I have no cleavage and the sides don't really push much. Oh well, there goes that dream! :P
  10. sailornep5, you are my hero. I honestly would be SOL if you hadn't put your photos up and "shown me" that other people look like me. You don't need those Bravo pads!

    ngbella, okay fine ... I'm a size 0. :shame: I always go one up because I feel a little embarrased to be a size 0 -- some people have made rude comments about my size in the past so I always try to "upgrade" as much as possible. But, you're right most clothes do not fit me (forget Gap, Banana, and all the standard stores). Pants - forget about it! I don't know what your personal style is -- but I tend to stick to dresses. For summertime especially I wear jersey dresses mostly cotton with a bit of lycra so it clings. Also wrap dresses b/c you can cinch it to fit your small frame. Forever 21 doesn't fit? I'm surprised b/c I hear people say the clothes are cut small. But then again ... nothing really fits us, right?

    cammy1 - let us know if you find something nice and share in this thread. I think this will be helpful to a lot of people.
  11. Forever 21 doesn't fit anyone correctly! Most of their stuff looks great on the maniquin but they don't look so great on people. I think it's because its so cheap they don't really take the time to tailor things correctly. It's great for cheap throw away t-shirts and tops though.

    NGbella - They make pedals for dresses that stick...but I'm not sure if it would old up in salt water...I'd hate to have things floating out of my bikini. Also I can wear VS bras in a 32A sometimes 34A, but their bikinis are another story. The pink line of bikinis are really big too..even the extra small. They have them in stores here now and I actually looked at some of the halter tops. The top was more of a small/medium then what I would consider an xs.
  12. IMPORTANT: Why is it that I can't search for this forum if I just put 'A cup only'? I think we should start a new thread without the 'what do you do for bathing suits' because that way more people will be able to find the thread and get helpful hints. I would do it...but I dunno how to. LOL. ^____^

    B-P, I'll try the dress styles you recommended. Thank you so much! I get rude comments all the time for being a size 0. This girl in highschool said to me: you're not even a size!. I'm still traumatized...and it's been 5 years! And what is up with people telling me I have no hips or ass? Skinny doesn't always mean no shape...it's all proportional I think.

    Aliwishesbear is right about the cheap clothing at Forever21...but the dresses are nice ^____^. I can't really think of any other stores in Toronto that have party dresses...maybe H&M...

    BTW, I didn't realize that you live in Toronto (B-P). I would love to be a lawyer like you. After going to UofT, my dreams are shattered. That school really makes you feel stupid...and not good enough.
  13. I've heard this before, but it was more like "You don't even exist." :hrmm: And I am 29 and still the same size I've been since university much to the dissapointment of people who promised that when I hit 23 I would morph into something else.

    I'll PM you about law school. :smile:

  14. U could subscribe to this thread, that way u wont have to search for it all the time.

    And I totally get that size thing too. PPl always say to me "u're a zero? but zero means u dont even exist!"
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