A cups only ... What do you do for bathing suits??

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  1. Thanks so much! This is what I want to do, but DH thinks one pieces are for old ladies. But I do like that cutout Juicy one. I'll run it by him and see what he says. And will go to Saks tomorrow and see if they have it (or something similar). Another day of torture for me ....

    EDITED TO ADD ~ Okay, DH approves of the cutout one piece. Stay tuned for Day Two of my swimsuit torture tomorrow. Thanks a lot!
  2. no problem! i thought they were for old ladies too, then i saw a few gorgeous ones and was like "wow, hot!" :P

    good luck at saks tomorrow, keep us posted!
  3. Im glad i read this post!! I have no boobage watsoever. My mom calls them little eggs...which is embrassing haha. Anyways, have you looked into Vix swimwear? I'm pretty sure victoria secret carries tat brand. And also, everything but water carries that brand. Its very cute swim wear and the smaller sizes are great for small busted plp.
    Trust me...ur boobs cannot be smaller than mine, because many A cups are big on me. My friends used to tell me they could see my nipples from the side when i wear low cut shirts. I guess my boobs weren't filling up the bras and I was flashing everyone to the right and left of me. Sooo embrassing.
  4. Mine were called crab apples before :cursing: I guess that's the same thing! Sorry, hon -- I totally emphathize. This is so hard, eh? I will check out Vix also. I'm pretty sure tomorrow's Saks excursion will prove fruitless ....

    I also wanted to thank Zophie, chanel-girl, rowie1985, aliwishesbear (I think I have thanked or responded to everyone else) for your suggestions. I was too bummed out earlier to respond to every suggestion. I really, really appreciate it! :tup:

  5. No, one-pieces are definitely not for old ladies. You could totally rock a hot one-piece with small boobies!
  6. Okay, so I wouldn't normally post pictures of my body on the internet, but I feel like I have to since you feel like you are an anomaly...I used to be like you, where I thought I had to be the flattest person in the world and no guy would ever think I was womanly! Like I said in an earlier post, I got over it and love my body now...but oddly enough now when I try to find bathing suits, I agonize over finding ones that look good on my lower half instead of my upper (which was a crying point for me at one time as well!).

    So you can see how truly flat I am, here I am in an unpadded bathing suit top. There is no cleavage whatsoever:

    Here I am in my VS triangle top...I am still flat, with no cleavage, but it doesn't look bad (at least I don't think so):

    When I feel like I want padding, I wear this athletic style bikini, which already has padding built in:

    And my current bathing suit (which addresses my bottom half problem) - I found this at Marshalls for $15. Be thankful you are proportional! :smile:

    Point is...you are not alone...and will eventually find a bathing suit you will be thrilled about...and when you do...stock up! :smile:
  7. That was very sweet! And I think you look great in all of them! I did think I am the flattest woman in the world. It was very nice of you to show pictures. Because we look the same (though I am flatter :P) and I think you look great! You are right -- that VS one looks good, but when I ordered one from them the bottoms were humungo on me. (By the way, I don't think you are bigger on the bottom at all).

    I have to learn to embrace myself. I can't change it (would never get surgery) so it is what it is. DH's patience is wearing thin with my complaints. I will update you guys later on when I get back.
  8. (long post warning) --

    :yahoo:Good new ladies. Thanks to all your wonderful suggestions and words of encouragement, a very nice P-M that someone sent me a few days ago, and last but not least sailornep5's photos, I found some swimwear!!! Even though everyone was saying they were my size also, I still didn't really believe it (silly me). So the pictures really helped in easing my mind.

    I went to Saks today and they have a smaller, but better, selection of bikinis than Bloomingdale's. Because of someone'e earlier suggestion about Juicy bikinis and the recent suggestion about the Juicy one piece I went straight for that rack. To my dismay, no Juicy cutout one piece. Then I looked generally for tube top one pieces or cut out one pieces and I couldn't find any in my size or colour that suited my skin tone. Sadness ...

    Next step, look for biknis with padding. Did that and I came away with the same things -- no padding, or pads that were passable, but the bottoms were just too big (even though they said small). So, then I sauntered back to Juicy and I picked up two bikinis. They weren't super padded but the way they were shaped were perfect. But I still figured they would look awful when I put them on. Well I tried it on and remembered sailornep5's picture and how awesome she looked. And then I thought to myself I look good too! I still have no boobs, still no cleavage, but hey this is what A cups look like in a bikni. I can't do anything about that but accept it. Wearing these bikinis now after more than thirteen years of avoiding any circumstance with water, pools, beaches, etc. will be a big step in that direction!

    I ended up getting a really cute navy blue and cream striped bikini with cream ruffle detail on the edge of the bra and panty, and a pale yellow plain bikini with a tie front detail on the bra. Both are adjustable halter style.

    :ty::ty::ty:Maybe after my vaca, I'll post some "action" shots.
  9. YAY!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!!!
    And now go out on that beach and say to yourself you're the hottest woman on earth and your vibe will set that sand on fire ;)!
  10. ^ Thanks Joke! I will. And thanks for all your pearls of wisdom.
  11. so happy for u!
  12. Whoo hoo!! Remember, we are our own worst critic. I am so glad you found one you like! We want pics!! Have a great trip!:yahoo:
  13. YAY P-B!!!! I'm soo glad you found a suit that you like, I am POSITIVE it looks GREAT on you and I'm sure hubby (and all the other ladies who will be green will envy) thinks so too! But keep in mind, it isn't what others think, it's how you feel!

    *HUGS* to you P-B!!!
  14. Thanks ladies!! You really were all super helpful.
  15. :yahoo:Thanks for the update ! I hope you are looking forward to your vacation, and don´t forget that many many women are like you, many women probably wish they had your body, very few of us like our bodies, no one is perfect, but as long as we´re healthy let´s enjoy bathing and swimming !