A cups only ... What do you do for bathing suits??

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  1. Hurley as in the the surfer brand I believe. It is like the Gucci of swimwear in comparison to the others in its category, i.e. Billa Bong and Roxy. I am almost 27 years old and I think the style of my swimsuit is nice enough not to be considered teenie bopper or too mature.

    Yeah, I hear that this summer is going to be rough. Hoping to pass this test on the first try here in Texas :smile:
  2. Thanks exotikittenx, you're right, the best thing I can wear is self-confidence. Now if only I can find it somewhere ....:tumbleweed:

    vanbruntsa, just become the biggest dork on the face of the planet until after the exam. Don't let anyone distract you and you should be fine! And thanks again for the suggestion.
  3. Bandeau tops are best for smaller chests, I read :tup:
  4. Thanks karman. I'm going to go shopping this weekend and see what I find. I'll update you as soon as I find something.
  5. Here's a brand that does non-padding swimsuits for girls w/small boobs...even for AA cups! This might be an option if your body is proportionate...unfortunately I am a bit "hippy" so the small top would look strange next to my wide bottoms, so I can't wear these, but maybe you can!

  6. Good luck and let us know what you end up getting! ;)
  7. I'm under 5 feet, about 100 lbs, size 0 and 32 A. I agree with a lot of the other posters that halter triangle tops work well, that is the style top that works best on me. It works better when the triangle is larger then the area of your boob, to give the illusion of fullness. I found that J. Crew has bikini seperates where you can get the triangle top with padding and it looks pretty good and even gives a bit of cleavage. You can also try the gel inserts that come with some VS pushup bras, just stick them in and it adds a bit underneth but it would probably be better when your not swimming..Embrace your shape...your not alone at all! There is hardly a women out there who doesn't want to change some part of her body...or several...
  8. i'm the same, 5ft 2, size 0, 32A and that usually is too big, i hate bathing suits and have never found a good one, i tried one by seafolly which was a padded boob tube twist and that makes me look like i have something but now much tho!!
  9. I've looked at the jcrew ones and they are like vs....extremely big, even the xs was too big! I guess I don't agree with most of you on the halter top thing. I've tried them and they are always too big..even the ones from stores like aero. I think the halter tops would be cuter if they actually cut it for a petite person. The straps on top are usually too thick. I did have one though that gave me cleavage and didn't have padding. It had a bust seam in the cups to push you boobs up. Also the straps were thin and the whole halter was a whole lot smaller than any xs I've ever seen at JCrew or VS.

    Another alternative might be to look for a string bikini with triangle cups that are longer than wide. I've found that it gives the illusion of a fuller bust.
  10. I did it girls!! I went bathing suit shopping. And .. it was the worst, most humiliating thing I've experienced in a long time. I actually cried at Bloomingdale's. That's how bad it was. I have absolutely no boobage, no cleavage. I'm sure some of you A cuppers have something, I don't have anything. Triangle cups (big, small, wide, narrow), bandeaus, halters, ruching, ruffles -- none of them look good. It literally looks like a piece of fabric over a floorboard. :Push:. Even those AE ones and blue ones from Delia's that you guys posted -- based on my fitting today, they wouldn't look good on me.

    They just don't make bathing suits for teeny tiny A cups. The panties were also all very huge. I don't get it. I don't know what to do. I might buy the padding and sew it in myself. I hope they have monster pads for sale. Or I told DH I may wear a tank top and (tiny) shorts on the beach. Is that such a good idea? Or is that totally tacky?
  11. Is there anything in this site that might suit:


    I've had a couple of bikinis from this company, I'm just an A-cup although I've put on a bit of weight lately and my cup size has increased. I have to say, I'd rather be thin again and have no boobies, lol. The bikinis have been very nice but they are hot to wear - all that padding! Plus they get water-logged a bit but they are fine for sunbathing rather than swimming.
  12. Thanks so much ... I def. can't do no padding. It looks awful. Although the models look great, but I don't even have that much boobage.
  13. I'll look through this, but this is a British company and I don't know if they will deliver it on time (I only have 2 weeks left). But maybe there's an American company that is similar. I'll look for one. Thanks.
  14. this might be a silly question, but have you considered one piece bathing suits? from what i've seen, slender women with small chests tend to look great in them. here's an example: (although the color is not particularly appealing)


    or even something kind of crazy like: