A cups only ... What do you do for bathing suits??

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  1. Try padded halters. They work the best! And maybe insert another silicone pad into the slot as well. I'm a 34 A and I know how you feel. You actually sound pretty proportionate for your weight, height though. Too bad when I eat it goes to my gut and not my butt or boobs lol
  2. OMG, I'm gonna cry! You girls are awesome! I am so retarded and I think I'm the only adult in the world with A cups, so I was really thinking no one was going to post in here. Can we say "I-S-S-U-E-S"??

    Anyway, I will definitely update you when I make decision!! I will try the styles all of you suggested first. Then if all else fails, will definitely order the blue bikinis from Delia's (thanks CRYLATER).

    sailornep5, having a truly supportive DH does help. He's the one PUSHING me to buy a bikini and get on the beach. He even says "Hon, look at this French Vogue, look at all the French models, they all look like you." Which is super sweet, except I remind him that they're also 8 feet tall and drop dead gorgeous, lol. But, it's a good attempt.

    smallbag, i considered that, but i have the most horrible of bad luck and I know that the chicken cutlets would find a way to slip out in the middle of the resort and I would be even more embarrased than ever. I don't have to tan (lol, I'm permanently tan) and you're right, in water they would definitely come out.

    mello_yello_jen, i_wona, and lilfobwol, thanks for the empathy and suggestions! :ty:
  3. Omigosh, me too. I am like "why can't the padding in my tooshy or tummy go to my boobs!!" LOL - yeah, but I am proportionate, so I should be content about it. But alas, I am a girl and destined to obsess about it until I come to some sort of inner calm about it. I need to work on it! :girlsigh:
  4. maybe I should explain why I don't do paddings or push ups:

    1) I like my size the way I am, I don't wanna 'pretend'

    but more relevant: 2) when you actually swim, it's not comfortable & you risk of showing your boobies completely in the swimming movements (because too much gap)
  5. If you're in Toronto, Bikini Village is everywhere (Yorkdale has one). I agree with the halters. Mine has just enough padding so the high beams won't show (I don't usually like thick padding). The only problem with halters is that your tan line will be larger.

    I also have a bikini that is essentially a push up bra, and I look HUGE in it. I can't suggest the store cuz it closed down. :sad:

    My one suggestion is to take all your pictures at an angle! Glaring sunlight straight on is no good for maximizing cleavage, this is esp true for triangle bikinis, which I wear regardless of cup size cuz they're so cute.

    We should all do like Kate Hudson and rock our small boobs. ;)
  6. I am also in the same vote (32A). I HATE looking for and trying on bikini tops. I only try on the tops b/c the bottoms I don't have problems with. I make sure that the bikini top is extra padded but looks natural. The only time I ever liked my boobs is when I nursed each of my 3 kids. My boobs fit into "C cups". I feel that my chest went even smaller after having my youngest 5 months ago. But my only saving grace is that my hubby likes my small chest otherwise I would have gotten implants years ago.
  7. Joke - you have the best attitude about it! I wish I could feel that peace with my body. I did for a short time in university (of all times!!) where I refused to even wear padded bras b/c I was sick of the farce, you know. But by the time I graduated I was back to being insecure about it. I just avoided the situations where bikinis were required.

    luvsbags&shoes - I don't have children yet, but I can't wait to get preggers so I can know what it feels like to have real boobs. Someone else also told me thier As got smaller and honestly if that happens to me, I will look like an adolescent boy -- I have "nothing" to lose. I don't even have cleavage when pushed up with underwire!! My DH loves my itty bitties also.

    maddog - thanks for the suggestion. You ladies are truly winderful!! I'm not permanently in town yet, but will be before we go away, so I'll check it out.

    ringing_phone, thanks - those look cute too and I can totally drop by AE to check them out.
  8. I agree that padded halters are great..same with padded triangle cups! I'm super small too (32A just like you) and I think I've actually embraced my small boobs...I've convinced myself that they look better in clothes haha.
    Actually I have one bikini by Penguin..and it's kinda a halter but it's also ruched..it makes me look bigger than I am so you might want to look into those...
  9. I need some of that positive reinforcement! Thanks. Yeah, ruching will do the "trick" also.
  10. halters with like a thicker strap across the bottom are definitely flattering.

    teeny tiny triangle bikinis i think are the worst looking for small chests.
  11. Have you tried Hurley bathing suits? I have one and love it! They have sewn in (light) pads and they are sporty, which makes small chested women look hot!

    BTW, I am 5'3 and 117lbs and a 32A at Victoria Secret. I have struggled with my chest size for years. I actually got sized for implants and couldn't go through with it. I'm about to graduate law school and have always been a bit worried about being so small on top and how that looks when I wear my suits, etc. My soon-to be fiance loves my body and to be honest that is all that really matters anymore.

    Anyways, I have finally come to terms with my chest and I like to think that my body is proportionate. It used to bother me so much when I was younger because I was so small, but as you get older you realize from other women that you are very lucky to be the size that you are. I teach aerobics and cannot immagine how painful bigger boobs would be during my workout!

    So cheer up, because you are not the only one with a small chest :smile:
  12. :crybaby:That was sweet. And I'm a lawyer also (as is DH- we're law school sweethearts :heart:) and I can vouch that lack of boobs is probably more helpful than anything. I still get oggled by our male counterparts, and I "gots nothing" to oggle at. For your suits, just make sure they're a deep V cut in front (nothing too high up or rounded) and then wear a nice cami underneath. The good thing about lack of boobs is that you can wear camis under your suit and not look inappropriate. It does feel good to have supportive DHs, DFs, and DBs that like us for who we are.

    Now do you mean Liz Hurley? Does she make bathing suits? Or just Hurley? Due to a good 12 years of avoiding wearing a bathing suit, I am completely oblivious to what's out there. I'll check it out, thanks.

    Thanks for all the suggestions and kind words. It really means a lot! PS - good luck on the bar, get ready for the worst summer of your life ... Sad, but true.
  13. Yeah I've actually been seeing that look a lot lately. I guess it gives an illusion. When it's teeny tiny, it emphasizes that there is nothing there. Thanks!
  14. I am probably the same size as you on top! I had always felt terrible about myself... not much you can do about boob size, but I made sure the rest of my body looked nice and toned, and I have found that string bikinis with triangle tops look quite nice for my small chest.

    I also agree with Juicy bikinis. I prefer padding in mine, otherwise, it looks like nothing is there! :sad: Just get one that covers you enough with some padding and the tringle string bikinis will give the "illusion." I also like Calvin Klein. Halter tops are the next best bet.

    The other trick that works is to just strut around with confidence and not give a damn... small boobs = hot just the same as any other size! ;) If you feel good about yourself, it will translate onto the outside.
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