A cups only ... What do you do for bathing suits??

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  1. I don't do padding or push up. NO WAY
    Brands that are A cup friendly:
    - Speedo:


    Calvin Klein:


    You can also check out Burberry.

    As you can see I go more for the sporty look.

    Don't think you're ugly because of your A!!!
  2. thanks missymax, and Joke, thanks also. It's such a hard thing for me, I've actually shed tears because of it!

    Maybe I should consider a tankini (although DH will hate it) because something more shirt-like and less bra-like might work for me.
  3. p.b. please accept and love yourself the way you are,boobs are not everything, i was a very thin kid growing up with a cups but unfortuanatly i do not have a thyroid so I am 50lbs over weight and I still am an a cup, I accepted my lack of boobs years ago, my DH would hate for me to get a boob job. so think of other attributes that you may have and focus on that, life is too short to sweat about small stuff,
  4. You and me both! I was actually more comfortable going to the pool when I was pregnant because I was wearing a Tank top and could wear a bra under it. I'm gonna go check out the burberry suits, but will probably end up still trying to sew those things in.
  5. missymax, thanks so much. my "issues" seem so trivial compared to yours and i hope you feel better as much as you can. my nana has thyroid too.

    my dh would :noggin:me if i got a boob job and he loves me perfectly "as is." in fact, he's the one who's dying to get me on the beach in a bikini. if it were up to me, i'd go on vacation and indulge in non-bikini activities (as i did pre-dh).

    thanks gals so much! i really appreciate it.
  6. P-B- I'm a similar size. you're in Canada - do you have an aqua la vie en rose nearby? lots of great bikinis that add a little something to your figure. Also, I love the look of string bikinis - very flattering and easy for a smaller figured woman to pull off.
  7. I'm not sure; I'll ask DH (still new to the city) or one of our friends. I know there's La Vie in the malls, but not sure if there's Aqua La Vie. Will totally check it out. Thanks!!!
  8. I'm with ya - I am smaller than an A (and some AA bras are big on me...sniff) and when I was younger all I wanted was a boob job. (Now I am at peace with my body, flaws and all....it helps that my husband loves me the way I am.) The only swimsuit that has worked on me, surprisingly, IS a VS swimsuit! I wear the Body by Victoria halter top which has light padding, but not too much. I can't wear the ones with too much padding anyway because there is always a gap between my chest and the swimsuit since I have no fullness. :sad: But the BBV tops work well, and you can buy your own bottoms that fit, and then wear the matching VS swim skirt on top of it so it looks like a coordinated set.
  9. I was just going to suggest halters! They seriously make all the difference in the world. The halter doesn't even have to be that padded...the shape and tightness alone will create the illusion of cleavage.

    You can also wear bandeaus if you wear "nu-bra" under it or what my friend likes to call "chicken cutlets." I only do this for tanning purposes, because I don't know how well the nu-bra would hold up in water.

    Lastly, stay away from triangle tops. They will do nothing for you. In fact, they will most certainly make you look like a 12 yr. old with stuffed socks for boobs.

  10. You are so welcome. :flowers: I took them from www.delias.com they have so much to choose from, mix and match.
  11. ^ I'm off to check 'em out right now. I :heart: both the blue ones as well!
  12. I must also recommend halters! I have the same bust size as you (if not smaller) and I have found that halters give an illusion of a chest. Even better if you can adjust the halter and get it pulled high enough so that the bottom of your breasts aren't falling out, it lifts it up and gives some cleavage.

    Also check out the swim dpt in the dpt stores and look at the swimsuits by the more younger brands (roxy, guess, oneil, etc), I've found those are real flattering as well!
  13. I get padded traingle bikinis and tie the straps really tight to sort of push everything in LOL not that there's much to push!

    I don't have any cleavage, but I've found that the tighter the bikini, the less flat you look, as there's no loose bits on the bikini.

    Have you tried a padded bikini with ruffles/shirring on the bust? Lots of detail and extra fussiness gives the illusion of filling out the cups...
  14. Actually sewing the pads on is very simple & fast - you only need to sew the three corners of the triangle pads onto the inner layer of the bikini top.

    There are quite a few brands of swimwear that might suit your size: poko pano, lspace, salinas, rosa cha, sauvage. Also, because you're quite small, all these suits that might seem small may actually provide you with the coverage that you want.
  15. I used to be an A-cup with the same bikini issues, then I went the implant route. Now I fit into bikinis OK, but certain dresses and tops do not fit as well and look as good as when I was flat. No way I can wear sheath dresses, for instance. I just wish boobs were inflatable on demand to fit what I was wearing. :smile:

    As for a bikni, I would definitely recommend the padded halter style.