A cups only ... What do you do for bathing suits??

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  1. I'm the same cup size...I just rock what I have...not much I can do about it and padding makes me feel awkward...
  2. Just wanted to share, I too have the same problem, I'm only an AA/A cup and have always settled for a non padded triangle bikini because I think padded bikinis look kinda fake. I bought this brand of bikini- voda swim? off revolve cus the models look so good and I think this might be it! It's quite embarrasing to post pics here but I guess, just to show the effect, so here goes:

    This is my normal bikini top from VS, yes I'm super flat

    This is the vodaswim bikini top with padding, not sure if it looks fake?

    The padding does make the cups kinda stiff and hard but I think it looks OK shrug* at least now I 'look' like I have a lil somethin.

    Maybe you all can check it out and see if it works for you, I'm 5"1, 100lbs, wearing size S :smile:
  3. ^^ you look great! it doesn't look fake at all :smile:
  4. lily25 you have a fantastic figure!
  5. Thank you wongmandie you are so sweet!

    If you don't look at my deformed rib cage I'm alright! lol
    I used to wear a onepiece only, for a very long time, because of the weird ribcage, but now I'm more confident than I used to be, lets say, 10 years ago.

    I still like the vintage feel of the onepieces, plus they show off my waist better I think. They don't do much for the boobs though.

  6. :biggrin: I remember those days bikini time was the worst, but i always had an alternative for padding...there are foam inserts you can buy at any lingirie shop, such as VS, saks etc in the bikini or bra section! the great thing i you can cut them to fit or buy one size bigger bra to create the illusion of bigger breasts, however it enables yo to fit the padding and push up what youv'e got!!
  7. I rock it! No padding at all---sure I may have an A cup---but I also don't have to worry about my boobs sagging, popping out of my suit etc. I guess I've just accepted that I'll never have cleavage etc unless I go fake which I don't wanna do. So I just have learned to love what I've got.

    That being said---there are definitely some suits that make them look better than others. I like tops with ruffles or bright colors and designs.
  8. Wow I'm sold on the Voda Swim. :smile: It looks fab on you!! I'll have to give those a try...
  9. hello, this is really old but i came across it and found the need to reply. i am 5'8 94 pounds and an a cup. it absolutley sucks! given im 15, but all of my freinds are baisically spilling out of bs and cs. I have found that ruffles create the illusion of a larger bust, stay away from bandeaus, and try PINK tops (and also there a cup wear everywhere pushups are great and fit perfectley) i feel your pain hope this helps!