A "Cross" stamped by the Craftsman ID?

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  1. Question...on my Rose Naturele Birkin there is a "cross" stamped by the Craftsman ID. What does that mean? I dont have time to take it in today to find out and I already left a message with my SA. Just wondering if any of you ladies have an idea. This is KILLING me right now!

    I tryed to take a pic but you cant see it. IM GETTING NERVOUS! REALLY REALLY NERVOUS!:confused1: :crybaby:
  2. You shouldn't be. If it's the Celtic cross, it's the mark left to indicate that the bag was made by a master craftsman.

    There should be examples of it somewhere here. You might find some by doing a search for 'celtic cross stamp' in the Hermes subforum.

    Was your bag bought directly from the store? if so, then there really isn't any reason to worry.
  3. Ok, yes it is a celtic cross. I purchased it from a resell boutique in Ginza Japan. Very well known and respected.
  4. OK my SA called and confirmed what Gina_b stated, a celtic cross means a Master Craftsman made my Birkin!
  5. Wonderful news!
  6. Can we see a pic of the celtic cross for future reference please?
  7. I'd like to, but here are a couple of reasons why I cant. The leather is so light I cant capture it in a pic no matter how I try. Another reason, which I feel is very very important is that I dont want to post it for counterfeit purse makers to see. I know that they are trolling this board and I prefer not to give them anything they can use. I can probably PM people with a pic (once I can take one that is clear enough for you to see).

    NOLA, GINA_B= Thank you for your words and info. I'm still learning about Hermes and this Board has been so helpful in my education:heart:.
  8. Thanks, They are just so hard to see. PM me anyone who has a clear pic. You are richt about the counterfeiters. I think I read somewhere here that the cross mark which is not in a circle has already been seen in copies for sale on eBay.
  9. Like the other ladies said here..don't worry at all sp. Mine has one too (the Kelly beige rose) and I was so thrilled when I first saw it and still is now..:p . The celtic cross means the bag was made by the a master craftman. :nuts: