A creative wallet solution - will it work?

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  1. Hey gang,

    I am pretty lazy when it comes to swapping out insides when I change bags - I don't like taking CCs, ID, and small stuff like that out of a small wallet to put into another small wallet and so forth...so, I've just put the black skinny mini in everything. Since I'm not die hard matchy-matchy, I don't feel TOO guilty about it; I will put the mini inside of a wristlet that matches more accurately.

    But that routine is getting old :-P

    SO, since I like unique and rare Coach bags that I can't always find matching wallets/writslets for at the time of purchase, I had an idea that I acted upon -

    I decided to try out matching my wallet to my hardware.

    Since Coach has so much metallic stuff, I thought I would try out a silver lurex sig skinny mini for this new bag I am getting this weekend (reveal coming soon) and maybe for another bag or two that I have with silver hardware. It's not here yet, but I think that it will look nice when I pull it out of the new bag, a siggy in a rare color that has noticable nickel accents.

    I don't think I would do this in every case (for instance, a brown bag with nickel hardware), but if it looks as cute as I'm hoping I might get a gold skinny mini for the brass hardware bags. At the end of the day I know that I should just do what makes me happy, but I wanted to hear your opinions on whether or not this could stick or if I should just work harder to get matching wallets.

    My skin is thick, so be honest :tup:
  2. I think that would work fine since you want to try something different! Plus, it's all about what you like right? I'm also not one for matchy matchy so maybe I'm not the best to speak on the subject.

    That and I have one Coach bag to my name. I carry my white Tokidoki for Hello Kitty wallet in my black Op Art Sabrina. :amuse: And get just as many comments on it as my Sabrina. LOL

  3. I bet you do! One of my friends is a lifetime Karope (sp) fan - Hello Kitty in particular :smile:
  4. I think that's a great idea! I usually try to go for more of a coordinated route instead of the matchy matchy too. Plus then the accessories are multi purposed since they go with a group of bags instead of just one.
  5. That is a great idea, esp for the older bags.. It is amazingly hard to track matching anything for those bags...

    Being matchy-matchy (like me) is expensive and hard.. Coach does not make wallets, writlets, stinny and/or make up bags for all the bags so it is hard..
  6. I got a set of the MFF Legacy Stripe stuff at the outlet - coin purse, mini-skinny, makeup bags, etc. I only have 2 wallets right now - one to match my Legacy pieces, one to match my newer stuff. So, I only have to change actual wallets when I change from older bags to newer bags. The rest of the stuff in the MFF LS accessories matches all my bags. :biggrin:
  7. Glad to find that I am not alone! Wow...I was hoping that maybe someone else would see what I see in my mind. I hope the look I am going for translates well IRL!

    I think it's going to work, especially with the new bag I'm trying it for, but the more I look at the combo the more I realize it may only work with a limited number of bags. Style issues, methinks.

    BONUS: In the meantime I found an initial charm in the same color as the bag! My first initial is not the most common, so it's exciting just to see one floating around on the Bay, much less one that will dress up my newest baby! I am SO stoked! Now I have a full-fledged reveal on my hands when everything gets here in the mail. The color scheme is officially nickel/silver and _____.

    You didn't think I was going to let the cat out of the bag, did you? :graucho:
  8. Just checked out some gold skinny minis on the Bay - there are quite a few to choose from! I will DEFINITELY be doing this for my brass hardware bags! I can see that this look would be HOT with older bags from the 90s and earlier. A subtle, yet remarkable touch of Coach flavor that has the potential to go with anything.

    I love it :love: