A crease on handles - Alma BB Epi leather

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  1. Hi, I recently bought the Alma BB in Epi leather from LV store and noticed that one of the handle has a crease underneath, compared to the other side which comes in smooth leather. I totally understand wears and tears of leather bags but it should not have this condition when it’s a brand new bag. Has anyone experienced this on any Epi leather bags? I think I will exchange for the same style as I love the Alma BB and this is my first Epi leather bag. Thanks!

    IMG_2426.JPG IMG_2427.JPG
  2. My speedy handles are like this. I got the mono and DE. It's normal since the leather was bent following the curve of the handle. I think it's more norm than not.
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  3. I have the Alma BB in DE for over 4-5 years and the handles are still nice & smooth. As it’s my first Epi piece so I am just unsure it’s normal or slight fault.
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  4. My mother had this bag, looks fine to me.
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  5. I'd take it in, it would bother me. It's an expensive bag.
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  6. Looks fine but you said you’re exchanging. Good luck
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  7. It’s normal.
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  8. it's not normal,
    years ago the handle were smooth and also in some pieces you can find smooth handles, so don't say it's normal or it's craftmanship because they are only badly made!!
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  9. It is literally normal.. are you an LV craftsman? “Years ago” handles were both smooth and wrinkled bc “years ago” they were still dealing with a curved handle. I think people on this forum have a hard time grasping the fact that product variation exists. If the OP prefers a smooth handle, fine. But she’s asking if this is normal and the fact is, it is. Whether someone likes it or not. If it wasn’t “normal” do you really think LV would be churning out 70% of them looking like this ?
  10. I am thinking too. One side is perfect but the other side has a crease underneath.
  11. One handle is fine but not the other side. When comparing to other LV top handle bags I got, it looks so obvious.
  12. Disagree. I’ve been buying a very long time and I believe it’s normal.
  13. Why continue discussing if you already decided to exchange? I’m sure you’ll find a replacement to your liking
  14. I respect on all opinions. As it is pretty expensive bag so people generally expect the perfect ones, same as myself. However, I understand wears and tears of leather but I just wanted to see if this condition of handle is normal or not. I have got quite a few canvas bags from LV but handles were smooth when they were brand new or even used for a couple years. This is my first Epi, that’s why I would like to see if others have come across this issue before. Thanks
  15. Not sure why you keep referring to it as “wear and tear” it’s a brand new piece? You’ve received multiple feedback stating it’s a normal occurrence however you’re still unhappy with it so you’re very welcome to exchange it.