A CRAZY frenzy I need to get OUT of! ACKS!

  1. ACKS! Someone, stop me! I have to stop spending :sad: I've been buying too much - Louboutins, dresses.. and now Chanel RTW and S/S headband.. holy cow! :push:

    It's funny that I haven't bought any bags from Cruise and S/S and I didn't think I was that serious about cruising through both, although I spent a bomb on accessories lol. Just as I was thinking I might cruise through S/S as well, I got a call from my Saks SA and just had him ring up the S/S star crystal headband (thanks to Cory who mentioned it and tempted me acks!) that just got in!! Fresh from Chanel with a good price point.. wowieee :graucho:

    I managed to win an auction today for a brand new with tags gold tweed pencil skirt with black satin trimming! Woohooo, at a very good price too! :wlae:

    Going OT here, I've been on a sale + eBay frenzy these days... I managed to get a pair of green python yoyos (thanks to Larkie for posting them and I went into a crazy saga in search for them) and I didn't expect to get a pair of taupe patent t-strap ernesta on sale too! They were both returns and my SA is an angel to have kept those yummy CLs for me :angel: hehe. I've also got 2 cute dresses (DvF and Tracy Reese) off eBay at good prices... Will post piccies when everything arrives! :graucho:

    Now I really need to go on a ban!
  2. lol its ok, i think about over 80% of the girls or guys on here are like that too.
    especially when ur reading this forum all the time, it just tempts u even more!
  3. LOL! I'd try and stop you but I'm afraid you'd mow over me!:lol: Plus, I love some good eye candy. . . can't wait to see your goods!:biggrin:
  4. Wow ladydeluxe you did go on a frenzy! I know how you feel though, being on this forum 24/7 you get a new obsession. Every night night I dream of new items, hehe! Can't wait to see your piccie's..

  5. SNAP OUT OF IT, LadyDeluxe!!! :boxing: Your credit card is grounded, young lady! LOL! Just Kidding. But, seriously, I understand how you feel. I too spent a FORTUNE in the last two months and now I OFFICIALLY can't buy ANYTHING but a red Reissue until at least my Birthday in October! No, Really. I'm serious! No, I really mean it. Seriously. NOTHING til at least October. :nogood::nogood:
  6. I know I should be saying stop spending, but your buys sound AMAZING!! lol. You are on a roll for sure :biggrin: Congrats, and take some piccies of your new purchases when you have time!
  7. Ooooo show us pics... I myself have spent like crazy lately, I have to hide my purchases in my closet and bring them out slowly one at a time so my DH doesn't freak!! :rant: Please post pics of the damage when you get it :happydance:
  8. wow ladydeluxe, that's a crazy shopping you did there!! congrats on all the deals you got... btw how do you know where to shop on ebay for the expensive pieces?? i always get scared to puchase something expensive on ebay due to authenticity ... any savy tips??? :sos:
  9. Well, if you're not incurring debt then it may not be so bad. I can understand the overspending on bags and small leather goods because that's my downfall, but I'll never understand the need to be a walking head to toe designer advertisement (from clothes to shoes). That's just me though, and not an offense to you personally. I think spending wisely should include some splurges and some thrift (by thrift I mean lower end brands and stores, not a designer item on sale, because even a pair of $200 sale shoes is expensive IMO).
  10. Hmmm ... I don't think you can ask for an intervention on a web site made up of enablers. I bought three bags in the last couple of days. In fact, I saw your sunglasses (white/black) at the store two days ago. I was like, "those are LD's glasses ... cute." The SA was like, "excuse me?" I seriously need to take a break. :lol:

    Enjoy your new purchases. :yes:
  11. Whoohoo congrats on all your great buys! I want to see pics!!

    Sigh, bans never work. I should know, I think I'm on my third "ban" now that's about to be broken! Damn the gorgeous new metallic reissue colours!!
  12. Hey, I do that too!!!! :shame:
    Hello C, Hahaha, trawling ebay in the middle of the night will always get you into more trouble!!!!
  13. Wow! your buys sound FABULOUS! Cant wait to see pics. Restraint is not my strong point! I wish i could help you Lol
  14. Holy cow.....U are really naughty lately...LOL~

    I know abt ur tweed skirt, it's really a great buy and fabulous...don't forget to post pics when you receive them. Thinkin of it, makes me drool...haha
  15. LOL You and me both C! You're baddddd for me...hahahaha. I'll tell you everything is ugly from now on. That'll help :wlae: :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: