A Crazed Reveal

  1. +1!:d
  2. Fantastic. I'm obsessed with purple, so I completely relate to your haul!
  3. Gorgeous!
  4. Love all your purple beauties!!
  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on all your violet goodies, especially your violet campana.
  6. stunning...I love it
  7. Wow, violets are springing up everywhere! Lovely, just lovely! Enjoy!
  8. What a beautiful collection! The color is lively, puts a smile on your face!
  9. beautiful bag, its my favourite colour!
  10. So beautiful, congratulations

    that's also a TDF ultra-violet collection ;)
  11. Congratulations!This is so beautiful! And the accessories are TDF.
  12. I am so in love them I tried to carry them EVERYWHERE. The only thing is I work from home right now. So, my commute from the living quarters to my office is way too short to let me enjoy having the bag no my shoulder. So, I carry them to the bathroom, to the kitchen, to the garden, to the laundry room, .... yes basically EVERYWHERE :0)
  13. chungwan, That is a WOW bag! Violet is a wonderful color - so glad you were able to get it in a classic style.
  14. jburgh, my lust for violet started with when you posted photos of your violet cabat ;)
  15. congrats on the nice color~!!