A couple went paparazzi on my diaper bag!

  1. Sorry for the very long post.

    1st was when we were at the pediatrician office for my son’s routine shots, I left my DH outside the waiting room to get the milk in the car, when I came back, my DH is surrounded by “mothers” asking, more like interrogating him about my diaper bag, some where even touching and there is this one lady who took the liberty of opening it and checking the inside, I was surprised so I didn’t approached him right away. After most of them left him alone I finally sat next to him and I heard the one who opened my bag said that it’s FAKE because LV didn’t make a diaper bag in that pattern. I didn’t say anything, although I felt I should’ve but kept my cool since I was really laughing inside.
    My husband didn’t mind it since this isn’t the first time he was approached by other moms while carrying my diaper bag. After we left the doctors’ office we headed to Glendale Galleria to pick up something at the apple store, my DH usually carries the bag since it can get quite heavy after carrying for sometime ; this is where the weirdest by far incident occurred. I was checking some iphone cases when I heard my DH calling me, when I turned around I saw this couple taking pictures of my DH and I can tell he wanted to walked away from them but the gentleman inside him wouldn’t prevail, I then approached them and asked why are they taking his picture and if they could stop ( yes, the entire time I was asking, the lady was still going at it) finally when she was satisfied, she just said thanks and started walking away. That’s when I lost it and I told her to wait up and that she just can’t take my DH pictures especially when he is carrying my son, the man explained to me that all they wanted was a picture of the bag, an employee on the floor finally approached us and ask if everything was alright, I then asked for a security to be called since they wouldn’t let me see the pictures ( I just want to make sure no pictures of my son or my DH face is showing) when they heard I requested for security, they agreed to delete the pictures and I made sure my DH saw them deleting the photos.
    After they left, I kindda felt bad, but my DH assured me that I did the right thing. Lo and behold, while we were walking to our car in the parking lot, we saw the same couple and this time they asked me if they can take some pictures of the bag, just the bag. I just find it very weird why would they want to take pictures of MY bag, I advise them to go online and they should find pictures of it there, but then they said they want to see some other details of the bag that will not be available online. I declined and told them if they don’t leave us alone that I will call mall security, I think they were able to take some pictures while we were walking to our car, and since we’re at the parking lot, we weren’t able to stop them. Has this ever happened to anyone else in here? My DH thinks that the couple was at our doctor’s office at the same time we were there and they over heard us talking about going to the mall. Should I contact my doctor’s office about the incident? Any advise will be appreciated.
  2. OMG!!!!!! How rude!!!!!
  3. not just rude. creepy.
  4. OMG...that's CRAZY!!! Some people are psycho I swear!!! You totally did the right thing!
  5. that's pretty messed up. It sounds like either they are trying to make fakes, or they have that bag at home and are taking pics to see if theirs is real.
  6. Seriously creepy! :s i hope they weren't doing some recon to aid in manufacturing of fake diaper bags =\
  7. Very creepy and I too wonder if they are helping the bootleg bag makers. If they were at your Doctors office make sure they didn't get any info about where you live.
  8. omg thats really rude of them, you totally did the right thing and called security, thats just a really odd thing to do take photos of somebodys bag. Esepcailly when your son is there that is just un acceptable!
  9. creeps i say! stranger than fiction...
  10. omg rude and creepy!
    maybe they wanted pictures so they could list it on eBay and scam people? ok maybe not but that was my first thought!

    you did the right thing!!
  11. I hope they did not do that either. YIkes, very creepy. :throwup:
  12. OH My god !!! I best get one of these bags LOL, How weird and creepy for people to be taking pics and the woman who opened it obviously doesnt know alot about LV's
  13. These people are unbelievable! All I can say is that this couple is rude and creepy! I still cannot believe that they still try to approach you at the carpark..
    Whatever it is, you did the right thing by calling the mall security.
  14. You absolutly did the right thing!
    That couple was seriously messed up.
  15. Wow! That is a crazy story!!! Yes, you did the right thing by calling Security. People can be really strange!