A couple wallets for you pink lovers...

  1. I saw these on the Coach Japan site, the pink color is not listed on the US site for either wallet. Sorry if these have already been posted -- I hadn't seen anything on these yet.

    Hamptons Signature Slim Envelope Wallet #6K10 ($208)

    Signature Accordion Zip-Around Wallet #6K12 (not sure of price)
    6K10_SKHVI_d2.jpg 6K12_SKHVI_d2.jpg
  2. cute looks like it could match the signature stripe tote in pink .
  3. oohh I love the accordian one!!! :tup:
  4. ehhh....i dont really like the accordian one. the envelope one is cute though.
  5. I love them all lol
  6. OMG I love pink so much!! How Springy! =D
  7. i'm hoping that this isn't the color the SA told me was khaki/punch.....
  8. I just saw your "I'm in Heaven" thread about this wallet in khaki/punch. I would never describe this color as punch, like the signature stripe/punch combo from last year, but the colors on Coach's website are never very accurate. Hopefully, this is either a different color (not punch) or the color is just off. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!
  9. That's a pretty dusty rose color...I like it!!!
  10. cute!.
  11. I love the slim envelop and prefer the accordian style in a smaller version
  12. pink=pretty
  13. Cute pink! Now, we'll just have to hope that it's actually that pink color!
  14. Mmmm. The pink looks really nice with the khaki sig. That would make a pretty Carly!!
  15. :yes: