~~ A couple pre-loved reveals ~~

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  1. Congratulations!
  2. Looks beautiful on you girl!!! love the patina on the bag.
  3. I am disappointed that both bags were in worse condition then as described. The listing was pretty vague. Pics were TERRIBLE. I did a BIN for both this bag and a Speedy 35 DA (which I already have one of). So I was kinda taking a chance. But before I paid I asked for additional pics and asked the seller to elaborate on the condition. She promised they were in excellent condition. "Hardly used". She sent more pics but none of the inside of the bags and the pics she did send were just as crappy as the one in the listing.

    The inside of the Galleria shows the most wear. It has a ton of ink pen marks. I voiced my concerns to the Seller about the condition, lack of the other box, and how this box got ruined. Had they been accurately described, it would have been an AMAZING deal for both bags, IMO. The Seller offered $50 back to 'get them cleaned'. Which is kinda a joke because nothing is going to take out all the ink marks. But I love the Galleria so much that I would rather keep it then return it. So I guess that means that I am content with the price I paid after the $50 partial refund. I did tell her $50 wasn't enough for the missing box, damaged box, and the difference in condition. But she wouldn't agree to more.
  4. Thank you very much. I am actually an eBay Powerseller (I've been doing Designer clothing Consignment and Resell for about 10 years). So I had been out in my studio working & taking pics when they arrived so I just took the pics there. lol
  5. I know right!! And she is lucky I am an honest person. She could have gotten a dishonest buyer that claimed that it didn't get there and she would have been screwed!
  6. Thanks so much for letting me share and for all the nice comments. :smile:

    I am indeed super excited to have a bag that I really don't have to worry much about. I've always preferred to just pay full price and buy my bags new from the LV store. But It's actually awesome to have one that I really don't care about putting on the floor or taking out in the weather. (It rains a lot here and the Vachetta on my other bags is always a worry for me). So even though the bag(s) weren't as described, I am glad to have one good beater bag that is still gorgeous. I've already got a ton of compliments on her!

    Oh goodness. I hope not. My savings account wouldn't be happy with me!
  7. The size is great on you.
    Sorry item wasnt as described. That would of ticked me off big time. Plus the shipping!! Sad, for people to do.
    If you are ok with it, then enjoy
  8. Congrats on your items! Sorry to hear they did not arrive as expected. I feel ebay sellers like that do a real disservice to the honest ones. I'm glad you are happy with your purchase at the end of all of it, that's what's most important.
  9. The galiera looks good on you !
  10. Very true.
  11. Love the glasses & the bag looks great on you!
  12. Looks great on you, Amber. :smile:
  13. Oh hey you!!! Thanks!