~~ A couple pre-loved reveals ~~

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  1. Cute Galliera! Congrats!
  2. Great purchases!
    I hope you got a great deal on the Galliera given the condition it is in :smile:
    Thanks for sharing!
  3. I felt the same way about the Galliera... never appealed to me, never thought about purchasing when it was still readily avaiable. But once I heard the GM was being discontinued I suddenly wanted one, and was on a mission to find one in EUC. It took some time but finally found someone (not here on tPF) who was selling her 09 for a great price and thankfully, condition was just as described. But I still look around for an even newer one with little to no patina.

    I'm really sorry the seller wasn't honest about condition and hello?! Who ships like that? Seriously, do people not think that a box with the name Louis Vuitton in large letters might attract attention and possible theft? Leave that seller feedback reflective of her stupidity!

    It really looks great on you!
  4. Congrats ...lovely purchases ..can't believe the seller sent it out like that ..just silly ... beautiful photos too
  5. Congrats!! The seller would have been out of the money and the bag if it was stolen and you bought it in eBay. They are required to purchase signature confirmation for anything over $250. Glad you have honest neighbors and postal workers!
  6. Congrats! Love them both!
  7. Wow, this bag look great on you, just the right size.enjoy
  8. Congrats! Lovely bag and the sunnies are gorgeous too! That is crazy that the seller would ship it in the LV box!? Insane. Seller is lucky it didn't get stolen, because it would've been their loss for not using signature confirmation!
  9. all lovely pre-loved..
  10. :smile: Glad you are happy and it all worked out for you.
    I'd be on the seller's ars for shipping it like that and for the nowhere near close description. Hope you got it for a good price though.
  11. Love them both! I cannot get over the selling shipping in that LV box, it's crazy!
  12. Great finds! Galliera looks lovely on you! Congrats on both! :smile:
  13. Love the galleria! You didn;t feel like you overpaid since the bag was a "beater" vs "excellent" like the seller had indicated? I'm debating on returning the Palermo PM because of this issue....seller said "perfect" when it was def someone's every day bag for the 1.5 years they owned it.
  14. Great finds! Love them both!

  15. I know. It was absurd. The listing was actually for this bag and another bag and it said it would come with both boxes. They neglected to ship the other box. So annoying.