A couple of times I DIDN'T use ******....

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  1. anyone download MOE MONEY MAKER? It's a reminder when you're shopping.
    My brother says sometimes they include spyware with these things which could definitely effect your computer.
  2. I always use ****** and the other day was in a hurry and forgot to go through them to make a purchase ( I was annoyed too because it was a $$$ amount :sad: ) I went to ****** after it and saw the MMM thing and then thought, wait a minute, its got to be a spyware program or else how would they know where I am? I figure I'll take my chances in remembering to look at ****** before making a purchase, I don't want them looking over my shoulder at the websites that I go to.
  3. It would be nice to have a reminder because I've forgotten a few times. Does that include a reminder even if you're on a site that is not part of ****** list?
  4. Yeah I was on QVC earlier, had 4 items in my basket, then remembered ******.

    Only thing is it seems I never see the QVC rebates in my account... Now that is what gets me mad.