A Couple of Small Things... :)

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  1. i fell in love with the camelia woc after Jill's original post, but i was so bummed (and thankful at the same time) when she posted her review that it shows wear so quickly...

    anyways, so i picked up the navy blue classic WOC and need your opinion. my SA told me that the color is kinda rare, which was the selling point when i was in the store. should i keep it or get it in caviar black or red OR lambskin metallic grey... i love the met grey, but afraid of the lambskin... sigh... black is probably the safest route, but all of my chanels are black... and i already own a black half-moon WOC and a black rectangular WOC... do you all think that this color can be matched easily with any outfit? my concern is that it looks too casual for dinners, etc...

    the second item that i picked up last month is the timeless clutch. i absolutely love it! it has more room than any i originally thought... so perfect for more formal events... ;)

    PS. it's hard to capture the real color of the blue... it has some grey/violet undertone... please give me your honest opinion about the color... TIA :biggrin:!

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  2. Hey chic02latz! Congrats on your WOC and I absolutely love the color! But if you aren't in love with it I think you should exchange it. I think the red WOC would be gorgeous! It has a nice POP of color! Good luck!
  3. I like the blue, but all your choices would be nice. Congrats, it's a beauty!!!
  4. GREAT choices!!!
    I'd go for the metallic lamb :yes:
    If you're even remotely easy on your bags, meaning not too hard on them, it'll be fine.
    I've had my black lamb WoC for almost 2 yrs and have really used it and it still looks new.
  5. I love your two purchases! The blue is great. :biggrin:

    As for showing of wear, I think the metallic grey is a bit finicky... I took my jumbo out tonight and came back with 4 scratches (not deep, more to surface of metallic stuff so more visible in some light but no rubbing to fade like you can sometimes do with lambskin)... and a Chanel SA did tell me in no uncertain terms that there is no metallic refinishing that is possible on Chanel handbags. So basically I am looking forward to scratching it up a bit more for it to look distressed :P Not really, but... just cuz you were thinking re metallic lamb... I love what you did buy! Great choices!! Enjoy!
  6. awesome choices
  7. Love the blue... Do not change. You already has black, no point adding additional black unless you are a black-color lover...
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    ooh, this blue is great! but then i am always a sucker for red, so i say go for red!! no point getting black since it seems like you have quite a few black chanels already, just my 2cents. :smile:
  9. OP, congrats on your new, petite lovelies!! Perfect for a night out, ^_^
  10. i think the blue is lovely i would'nt change:tup:
  11. I love the metallic grey but I remembered someone posted that she spotted a metallic grey WOC that was so beaten up and badly scratched in a store display. Contrary to what others believe that the metallic sheen serves as a protective coat to prevent scratches, I think the sheen will actually make the scratches more obvious.
    You have to pry open the button every now and then for a WOC, there is a high chance for you to scratch it with your nails.
    Your blue caviar WOC is beautiful but I would use it more for day, it will look fantastic with jeans. Personally, I would choose Red WOC since you already have so many black. A little red purse is stunning & hot for both day & night!
  12. I really like the blue, I wouldn't change it!
  13. if blue, i prefer the cobalt/bleu roi. as you already have 2 blacks, that navy is near black to me... on the other hand, red would be my personal pick.. literally the cherry topper of your woc collection! :biggrin:

    oh, in case diversity is a consideration, the red mini is uber cute too!
  14. Looks great ;)
    love both of them
  15. I like both of them and I wouldn't change it ;).