a couple of questions re:the roxbury

  1. Do you think this is a dressy bag? I'm very casual...jeans. Also, do you like it better in the noisette or the pomme? Which color is more casual??
  2. Personally I love it in the noisette, but I know everyone here LVoes the pomme! I think the roxbury is great but it would annoy me, as you cant put it in the crook of your arm.
    I think you can wear it casual, because of the shoulder strap, then have it more dressy as a handheld xx
    I would say noisette is more casual, as its not so bright.
  3. ^ ditto
  4. I love my Pomme Roxbury, but you are right, it drives me nuts that I can't put it in the crook of my arm. I still love it though.:graucho:
  5. Noisette is more casual! I love both though!
  6. pomme! the only thing that drives me nuts about it are the snap closures. hard to get in and out of BUT having said that, it's still on my wishlist. i think it can both be worn with jeans or a nice dress.
  7. I've seen some girl rockin' the Pomme with jeans. I thought it looked really good on her. The color draws so much attention to the bag.