A couple of Questions re: patent leather Chloes

  1. One of the bags I am lusting over right now is the Paddy Dome in patent leather. A couple of questions for patent owners thought:
    1. is it scratch resistant? I remembered my Ferragamo patent leather bag from the 90's and they are so not scratch resistant. WIthin months, the bag got a "foggy" look due to all of the scratches. DO you think the current batch is better?
    2. Do you consider patent leather classic or seasonal? It seems to float in and out.

    Oh, and the paddy flap with mix of patent/regular leather is TDF, too....And the patent quilted Bay is yummy....AHHHHH...I need help!
  2. Well as you know I just recently bought and sold to my friend the patent paddy and I did think it was gorgoues and the patent was not very loud. as for me I ended up with the Elvire and I think its also pretty classic. They don't look plasticy at all and VERY soft to the touch. As for longevity and how the patent holds up we haven't had them for long enough to know but so far so good.
  3. susieserb and I have had our chocolate chain handled patent Betties for almost a year and they have held up so well it is scary! I see no signs of wear at all. I did notice that the patent on my purse was very similar to that used on the patent Paddy so I think everybody will be alright. acshih - I want the patent dome capsule Paddy too - in black. On sale of course!!
  4. It is good to hear about the patent leather holding up for the Betties.

    Hehehe, I got a month off two weeks from now. Perfect time to shop for after Christmas sales. Guess what I will be doing.....scouring for deals, of course:graucho::graucho:. I just hope that the Dome Paddy will not sell out.
  5. I have the dome patent paddy in deep burgundy brown patent with taupe leather trim and padlock. I love it so much. I've had it for about 3 months I think (I got mine right before they came out) and it still looks brand new, no scratches or issues. The great thing about patent is that you can wear it in the rain or snow and not worry.

    The only drawback of this bag is that it's kind of heavy. But it's worth the slight discomfort because it's so pretty!
  6. I have 2 patent Chloes, a Betty tote in black patent (which I've had for 1 year) and a chain Betty in Burgandy Red. Agree with the posts above, the patent on the black one has held up extremely well, I've only had the red one for a few weeks, but carried it quite a bit and it is doing well also. The patent seems to get better and better, just like the regular Chloe leather.
  7. I have three patent paddys :nuts:...the large black dome from neimanmarcus.com, the medium black paddy from the store, (Neiman Marcus in Chicago) and the medium in chocolate patent from Nordstroms, (the Bellevue, WA store from "Rachel" the manager there.) I also bought a few of the patent wallets on Diabro.net. I have three colors: the black (in two styles, both the long version, but one has the zip around and the other does not), then I bought the chocolate brown (mocha) patent wallet in the "zip around" long one as well. :graucho: And finally, I bought the long one that snaps closed in the color "chataigne" (I hope I am spelling this right.) It's sort of a reddish brown or cognac color...very pretty. I wish I could find a medium paddy in that, but Rachel told me she only has seen it in the large dome, and one large dome is enough for me....:rolleyes:
    I have used ALL of them already and they are wearing beautifully...no scratches or marks of any kind. I think the patent leather that they are using is a very high quality...soft and supple, but shiny and strong at the same time!:tup: