A couple of questions about the Medallion tote

  1. I'm looking for the black caviar Medallion tote. Does Chanel still carry it in the boutiques? And if so, how much does it run?
  2. It is definitely still in the boutiques. I saw one in black a couple weeks ago at the Chanel boutique in Tyson's Corner, Virginia. You might give them a call.

    I forget the pricing on it once all the increases occurred.
  3. Mine actually came from the downtown Nordy's. I have had it for two years and it was around $1500 at that time. I want to say that it is $1700 or $1800. Recently I have only seen it with the silver medallion. I love that bag and was so excited to see LC start wearing my bag on the Hills. :smile:
  4. The price is $1750. As of April 1, it will be over $1800. Saks, Chevy Chase MD has it in Black w/silver, pink w/silver, white w/silver, beige w/silver, black w/gold, pink w/gold and beige w/gold. HTH
  5. Ditto
    I Have Seen It Everywhere I Have Been In Dc/va/md
    I Got The Pink Almost 2 Years Ago And It Was 1650 Then
  6. I've seen it in New York and Saks, Greenwich,Ct.
  7. You heard that it will be included in the price increases on April 1st? I asked Chanelboy about it and he said the Medallion Totes wouldn't be included in them.
  8. Yes, that is what the SA told me the day before yesterday.
  9. geez, that sucks. Guess it'll be a long long time before I get one of those.