A couple of purchases

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  1. Here are a few of my latest purchases.
    I love the grape, it's a beautiful colour and the case is so much better than my last Daria one.


    Not sure where this leaves my oak nvt Bays?
    This is lovely, it's a 2007 model and lined inside with a backing to the flap too.
    I'm hoping that I can still find the use for both of them

  2. Gorgeous printed Bays, Rachie! Love the little case too.
  3. Congrats, beautiful printed bags, and the small one is cute!

    The Bays is still quite different from the printed I'd say.
  4. Absolutely gorgeous!
  5. both gorgeous, congrats
  6. Wow Rach it's beautiful and I agree with Lakrits that it is very different to plain oak.
  7. Love the new reveals and love the pop of colour in the little cutie :biggrin: congrats x
  8. Congrats! Love you new goodies. Especially the black e/w! Must be because I adore mine. :biggrin: I want an oak too, but can't make my mind up if I should go for a printed one or not :thinking:
  9. Beautiful Rachiem, just beautiful...I love the printed Bays! All three are great, well done :woohoo:
  10. Wow the printed Bays is just beautiful Raciem. The bag looks in immaculate condition, what a good find
  11. Lovely!

  12. love the bays, Rach. Congrats
  13. Congrats on the purchases rach! My work is blocking the links for some reason so I'll have to check them out tonight. But from the reviews I'm guessing they're stunning! :]
  14. Gorgeous, rach! I love the oak printed bays in particular! It is a real beauty xx
  15. Congrats! The printed bays is so beautiful! :smile: