a couple of old lADies came to mum

  1. I presented one of them a week ago, but there was still missing another cutie!:smile:
  2. Here they are, the black 05 "A" tag, and... any guesses??:biggrin:

  3. These are gorgeous. You are so lucky and skilled at finding these A tag bags. Enjoy!
  4. No, no... the one on the right isn't "A" tag..
    Thank you dear!:hugs:
  5. S/S 04 grey?
  6. Hi much!!:smile:

    Mnnnn... nope, but very close!:graucho:

    Pic is in B&W:P
  7. 2006 grey? 2008 light grey?
  8. :tdown::biggrin:
  9. [​IMG]

  10. Oops didn't see the colour pics before I posted...04 pewter then?
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  12. [​IMG]

  13. looks like a shade of lilac? ... hard to see the color, looks washed out on my screen
  14. The photos don´t make justice at all to this rich and beautiful color

  15. No notches on the rivets Iamminda, has to be pre F/W 05 ;) (S/S 05 had a mix of notched and unnotched I think).