A couple of new things from the Outlets!!

  1. My family went to Universal Studios (Orlando) this weekend and saw the Blue Man Group...It was AWESOME!! I was going to drive home separately with my mom and go to the Prime Outlets but my daughter got really sick and her temp shot up to 102. So my husband agreed to take her home so mom and I could take the boys to the parks on Sunday. So we didn't get to go to the Orlando outlets. But on Monday we took a drive to Ellenton and we did a little shopping!! YAY!!!

    These were a couple of presents from my Mom:love:
    New Charms and Accessories 033.jpg New Charms and Accessories 021.jpg
  2. Congrat's.. cute items.
  3. Way to go mom :yahoo: Cute buys - love the make up case.
  4. wow, that make up bag is so cute. Great find
  5. That is a very cute bag, luv it! I was at my outlet this week but nothing grabbed me. I didn't see those items you bought there.
  6. Hey! I was there on Monday also! Wonder if we bumped into each other and didn't even know it! love your loot!
  7. awww, what a nice mom! i went to the ellenton outlet last summer when i was on vacation in holmes beach. i miss it there! i miss the weather, *sigh*
    back to topic! congrats!!
  8. oohh love them both.. how much were they? :shrugs:
  9. The bag was about $117 +tax and the pouch was about $45+tax.
  10. cute stuff!! I saw blue man group when we were there for christmas, they're awesome.... I still have my paper tie!! lol
  11. cute items! :tup:

    i've never been to an outlet - i'm planning a trip soon though!
    gah i'm missing so much great stuff! :push: lol.
  12. Very nice! I hope your daughter is all better.
  13. Wow--great finds!!!! I love the makeup case! I need to make a trip to the outlets!

  14. Awwww...thanks!! :love:She went back to school today. She is such a little trooper. She was only concerned that she would spoil our trip.
  15. Cute bag!!!