A couple of new styles/colors spotted at lunch

  1. I saw a denim and cognac large multi pocket. A black w/ black stitching - large & small multipocket as well as venetia. The denim was :drool: IMHO, but I love blues!

    I also saw the new style that is on Saks with the chain strap.

    These were at Saks in Chicago.

  2. Hey messangerbaglover, cheers, i was at Saks Chicago during my lunch break too, and i have my eyes on the Hudson, i tried to carry it on my shoulder, but doesn't seem right, i think it's meant to be a hand carrybag....but it is gorgous.....
  3. LOL - hey there neighbor!

    Yeah, Hudson is pretty much strictly handheld. What did you think o fthe denim?
  4. I saw the denim too, it's nice, but since i am aiming on trying the Hudson, so didn't look further, maybe next time :smile: