A couple of new rings..

  1. The all diamond one is a saddle ring (we like to call it) the other is my fall happy ring. It's a darker version of one that is done in all diamonds that are white pink and yellow. This one has sapphires rubies diamonds and I forget that green one all the time. It's not peridot..:confused1:
    The lighter one has been a great seller for us so we thought we would try it in different colors
    DSC01528.jpg DSC01525.jpg
  2. Wow, what great rings! The one on the right has so much POW.

    Have fun wearing them!
  3. They are stunning! Congrats!
  4. oohhh very pretty!!
  5. Definitely stunning. Your new rings are beautiful. :smile:
  6. Thanks ladies! I'm really likin em!
  7. Gorgeous Chag!!!!! They both are very stunning!
  8. Hi Chag...your rings are superb! I like the saddle one most!:rolleyes:
    Sit tight ladies, this isnt my ring, but something I found while surfing...isnt it cute?:yes:
    Unfortunately I could never wear such a big ring, my hands are small and thin-I have bony finger:hysteric:
  9. Wow those are big! Bling bling.