A couple of bag articles by one of our own

  1. Great articles but dangerous- now I've seen about 5 new designers I'm in love with!:drool: Love the Rudsak, Ignes, Belen Echandia, Kale..
  2. Thanks for sharing, these...

    And I agree about the Belen Echandia Love Me being fantastic...I love mine to death!
  3. How interesting! And how true!
  4. oh sweet baby jesus, i'm completely and utterly in love with ignes! i want at least 5 bags on their site, and they make it so easy with their online shopping function...clutches are completely impractical for me, but they have me lusting after their black patent leather asymmetrical-flap clutch. i didn't need to see this article! :sweatdrop:

    (but congrats to the tPF writer who got these published! i love your voice!)