A couple new goodies *PICS*

  1. Hey,

    Well this is it for me until August!!! It's been a good couple of months LOL And all good things must come to an end! Although...I'm hoping some family members come through with some great gifts to celebrate my masters!

    Anyhow....here they are:

    The Mono Pochette Cosmetique....I needed this little guy to hold everything in my bigger bags!


    AND....the Reade PM in Amarante! :yahoo: This is what I exchanged the LOVE2 tote for! It is kind of tiny...but I like my Vernis in smaller doses anyways!

    First two pics are with flash...the last without! And pardon the kitty behind :smile:




    I was going to get an agenda in Amarante when they come out...but decided too many fingerprints!!! So I'm just going to get the Mono koala agenda in July or August!
  2. Yay!!! Congrats Naomi!!
  3. congrats! i love the color of your bag, its beautiful!
  4. So pretty congrats! I need a makeup bag too!
  5. Congratulations on your lovely LV goodies and on your master's!!!!
  6. OMG, Naomi, you always pick out the most fab bags!!

    Love the Reade and the Pochette Cosmitque is too cute!

  7. Congrats, Twiggs!! The bag looks great and I love the pochette cosmetique too!
  8. Congrats
  9. Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!! Even my hubby liked it...his first words were 'Yea, that's way better than that canvas one' LOL....I thought he'd make an argument about the high price of a little itty bitty bag LOL
  10. gorgeous!!! BTW your cat looks just like Garfield!
  11. Lovely! Congrats! Cute kitty, too! :smile:
  12. Congrats!!
  13. Until August? WOW. That's amazing, I couldn't commit to that, there's so much coming out next month! Love the goodies, congrats!
  14. Awesome stuff! I saw the Amarante today, it's very dark, almost black! I wanted the pomme Summit:drool:
  15. Congrats! You will love your mono koala agenda. I got mine almost one year ago and not only is it like new (I carry it just about every day), I still totally adore it.