A Couple New Additions! :)

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  1. Now, before you all think I've gone completely crazy, one of them I absolutely needed :lol:, and the other is an early birthday present. I'm fortunate to have a really generous family. :heart:

    June and sweetart already figured one of them out with their super sleuthing skillz, but without further ado....

    Bag #1:

    Bag #2:
  2. Haha! I know that pink paper;)
  3. I'm totally in love with my new MbMJ Dr Q Tote in Bordeaux:


    I needed a bag for school that could fit my 12" laptop, books, writing accessories, my phone, wallet, etc. etc. etc. This bag is both compact and roomy, and it's in perfect condition. I have so many black bags, so I was super excited to find this in the perfect color of Bordeaux! Did I mention I love Bordeaux?


    Also, the leather is perfect. :yes: Very smooshy and soft - feels exactly like the old first season Groovees.
  4. :yes: I love their packaging! It was so nice and pretty, and my box came TWO BUSINESS DAYS after I ordered - and this is from across the sea, people! Most eBay sellers can't ship that fast within my own state! :lol:
  5. That tote looks fabulous!
  6. This next one was inspired by Spacey's pics and very convincingly enabled by tad and iluv.

  7. Thanks, Ghost! I've been toting it around everywhere - work, classes - and it's been perfect for my needs. :tup:
  8. I bet you never thought I'd get a purpleish bag. ;)

    Here are a couple comparison pics of my Carter Jr. in Charcoal and my BB Bag in Orchid (I like to think of them as brother and sister):


    I was a little anxious they'd be too similar, but the colors are different and so are the general styles. :love:
  9. What a gorgeous pair:love:! The practical and the dramatic side my side, congrats!!!

    ETA: oh and there's another beauty coming out for pics:biggrin:
  10. ^ That bottom one shows the colors best. :yes:
  11. congrats BOM!!!!!!! :heart:
    love thte tote and the BB is jaw-dropping!!!!
  12. Hehee thanks space! We're bag twins!
  13. Thank you Dawn! My heart melted when I saw the BB, too. :girlsigh: It was love at first sight!
  14. Those are some gorgeous siblings!! Beauty obviously runs in the family;) And the tote is such a beautiful color! The leather looks like buttah! Congrats!!
  15. ^ Thanks, pm! Awww you make me blush. :blush:

    Hahaa love your new siggie, btw!