A couple more love *pics*

  1. Pomme d'amour envelope plate and inclusion bracelet. :love: :love:My SA was trying to show me a bunch of other things, but I had to go and didn't want to decide too quickly. I think I need another bracelet or something else. I love this red! :p


  2. Congrats! That Pomme color in the Inclusion bracelet just looks... amazing. :biggrin:
  3. May I ask which store you went to? Union Square claimed to have no red inclusion yesterday and I was pretty irritated.
  4. wow! i love them both, they go really well together.
    Im so jealous of all these gorgeaus pomme d'amour accessories!
  5. Congrats!
    Very nice combination. Enjoy!
  6. Valley Fair had the pomme bracelet, the speedy key chain and the phone dangle (whatsit called). I waitlisted for the plate late Dec. maybe. I don't know if they have the ring or other pieces.
  7. looks amazing!
  8. Thanks Mariska.... I wish they would get their inventory synced up. Oh well, maybe today!

    Congrats on your new bracelet!
  9. oooh..can't wait for my flat purse to arrive...SA said latest tuesday..*crossing my fingers*
  10. Congrats!!! Very beautiful!!!
  11. wow So beautiful Congrats!
  12. congrats!
  13. So gorgeous (and I'm so jealous!)
  14. they look great together! congrats!!!!!!!!!!
  15. NICE! I love it, congrats!