A couple forum problems

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  1. I noticed, but it just may be my computer, but when a member attaches an image, the links or pictures do not show. It's just a white box. Is it me or a forum-wide problem?

    Second problem, I hit new post twice by accident, so the error message came up about that I have to wait 60 seconds, then it said try back in 77 seconds? If I can only do a search every 60 seconds, why does it tell me to wait 77 seconds?
  2. Can you point me to a specific post that causes the strange attachment behavior please?

    I'm gonna look into the search for ya as well.
  3. I just tried the search, the remaining second count seemed correct.
  4. I did the search again and it said 67 seconds LOL

    I'll do screen shots, hang on.
  5. here are my screen shots:

    the blank attachments:

    The infinite wait time :push:
  6. well I cleared my browser cache, and then everything else, and still nothing. I'll ask my husband when I get home about that. Thanks again Vlad.
  7. I have been getting that weird time wait, too, and then after I wait all that time, it makes me wait more..
  8. The waiting time issue is being addressed atm.