A Coral Valentine E/W as an early Valentines day present!!! (pics)

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  1. Well, a Valentines present from me to me, but I am so so smitten with this bag! Was inspired to share, after seeing all the beauties here! With no flash & flash (looks more pink).

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  2. Congrats - she's a stunning bag
  3. Lovely!! Makes me want to get the coral one even more!!

  4. Congrats, a wonderful addition to any collection. She really is beautiful!
  5. she is so pretty, congrats to you :smile:

    Please post modelling pictures too.
  6. Congrats! Super cute.
  7. absolutely GORGEOUS, I'm jealous! congrats, she's a beauty!
  8. ooooh so pretty! congrats! :love:
  9. Super cute!! Congrats!
  10. oh its beautiful
  11. I love it! What's the color of the hardware?
  12. Soooo cute! :girlsigh:
  13. Congrats...she's such a darling to hold :biggrin:
  14. so adorable!! many congrats!
  15. Congrats AHL on your new coral v. flap!! Glad you like it. I got mine in medium last week, but too bad I didn't like the color since it's too pink for me and I didn't understand this pink at all. :P (Well, this is just me....) So, I am changing it to a black v. flap in medium instead. But it's a great bag!! Enjoy it in good health!! :tup: