A Copper Rame Veneta is on it's way to me!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I am so excited! I finally got a Copper Rame Veneta and it is on it's way to me as we speak!!! I have wanted this bag ever since it came out but for one reason or another did not purchase one. I did not see it IRL either, as I have no BV near me. I did get to see it IRL while on vacation and fell in love even more...now I will have one!!! Woo hoo!!! :yahoo:
  2. Congrats, I'm happy for you, please post pix when it arrives.
  3. Well, I'm certainly jealous!!!! Congratulations!
  4. So glad you found it! Please post pictures upon arrival. What size is it?
  5. I will definately post pics! It is the medium. :smile:
  6. I actually purchased mine on ebay as well...it is brand new and was one of the ones that had been authenticated here on tPF. I saved about $500 on it plus tax and shipping, so I think I got a great deal!
  7. Congratulations!! It is a beautiful bag--can't wait to see you pictures!
  8. congrats! I think I will be the next one after you to have the copper rame coming ;):
  9. Good job shopping for a deal!

    Congrats and I hope to see pix when it arrives to you :smile:
  10. Looking forward to your reveal pix!!!!
  11. Wonderful news!! You will love this bag - I am crazy about mine, cant put it down!!
  12. Congrats on a gorgeous bag! I'm trying to figure out if this bag is the same as my copper cosmetic bag. I was told it was Copper Armatura. Is that the same thing? I've had my cosmetic bag since last year.

    Anyway, enjoy your beautiful new bag.
  13. Fantastic! Love reading a story like this, it certainly was meant to be, Olympia!