a COOL Vintage Chanel Bag..yayyy :)

  1. I just got my vintage chanel jumbo bag

    and she's...YELLOW!!!!:woohoo::wlae::yahoo::love:
    Picture 112.jpg Picture 111.jpg
  2. Wow! This is a crazy amazing bag. Love it!
  3. O wow! Congrats! I'm so jealous, I also am on the hunt for a yellow one!
    Enjoy your new treasure!
  4. Congrats!!It's really beautiful and am loving the colour.
  5. omg, that's so fab! she's in such a pristine condition! how much did you get her for? such a steal, she seems almost brand new!! modeling pics please ;)
  6. How gorgeous, congratulations!
  7. Whoa....she is:love: TDF, congrats and enjoy her for many years! What a lucky find!:tup:
  8. She is gorgeous, what a beautiful color, congrats you lucky girl!
  9. :love: That bag is just gorgeous. Big congratulations to you! Wear her with all your neutrals and tell us, what kind of shoes are you going to wear????? Does Chanel make yellow ballerinas??? Hee hee.
  10. that is a very pretty yellow, congrats!
  11. :nuts::drool::love:
  12. Wow what a luscious bag! I love the lambskin and the bag looks in pristine condition. It will be perfect for next spring! :love: I wish Chanel made more bags like they used to. :girlsigh:
  13. Very pretty, congrats.
  14. Wow! First time seeing a yellow for me! It's so striking! Congrats!
  15. Ohhh, what a stunningly gorgeous vintage find!!! :love: :love: I would pass out and die if the yellow that's being released for spring is anything like this!! :sweatdrop: :nuts: Congrats and enjoy your new beauty!! :yahoo: