A cool LV bag for your computer?

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  1. Hi Ladies (and gents),
    Do any of you use an LV bag for your computer case? I am looking at the Sabana but was wondering about other options/ alternatives. Can you suggest bags that have handles that are strong enough to carry a laptop, and which are sturdy (padded) enough that the computer is protected? The bag would have to be genrously sized, since my VAIO has a large screen. Every time I travel, I take my lovely keepall 50 on the plane with me, and in my other hand I tote my ugly black laptop bag. It would be nice to have something that matched my keepall (it is monogram...though damier or epi would be fine, in fact damier might be smarter for a laptop bag). What do you think? Just love this forum (I am completely addicted!).
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. That's a very smart bag--really chic. I think I might need something a little bigger to accomodate a laptop, though. Are there any others, perhaps?
  3. I use the Damier Venice GM. sturdy, with a zip top. Works perfectly with my IBM Stinkpad. Not sure if it is still around. Here's an old picture I swiped from ELuxury.

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  4. Thanks for that. I had searched louisvuitton.com for the Venice after I saw you mentioned the bag in another thread (I was inspired by the idea of your lovely matching luggage and computer bag!). Eluxury does have it, but I just looked at the measurements and it is still a tad small. This laptop, while great, has a massive screen. I think it is just over 14" so the bag would have to be roomy enough for that.

    Does anyone know of a bag that might do the trick? I can look for it next time I go to my local LV.

    Also, if you do use a bag like the Venice to carry your computer, do you also use a sleeve around the laptop to protect it?
  5. What about the Abessess Messenger bag? I was considering this one, until I got a Coach messenger for my Laptop.
  6. Maybe smth from new damier gent models. I forgot name of PC bag.
  7. There is the "messager" and "Yack" for the damier geant models for Laptop cases, I suggest you look at both!
  8. What about a Damier Parioli? I just bought one off elux for the same reason as you but my laptop is a bit smaller. I haven't received it yet...I should get it today.:smile:
  9. I think the messenger would be great (and match my luggage!). My only concern is that the bag has soft sides and I would want to make sure that the laptop is protected. I wonder if I could fit a laptop sleeve in it.

    I loved the shape and function of the "Yack" (although that is an unfortunate name for a bag, right?), but unfortunately I am not sold on the Damier Geant look. Thanks for all the suggestions, ladies.

    Let me know how your Parioli works out (my computer wouldn't fit that bag) and post pics if you can!
  10. Computer cases I recommend highly:

    Sabana Computer Case
    Soft Briefcase
    Porte Documents Voyage
  11. Thanks John!