A Convert to the Bolide . . . My First One!

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  1. Bolides were so under-the-radar for me that I only starting noticing them in the past few months. I started warming to the idea and then had the opportunity to see and play with a bunch at the boutique. Decisions, decisions, decisions -- 31cm Rigide or Mou; or 37cm Rigide or Mou? I settled on 31cm Rigide or 37cm Mou, but didn't see THE bag I had to have at the boutique.

    Well, FedEx delivered THE bag to my office today. When I get home later this evening I'll post a photo. All I can say is that I'm already plotting the purchase of my second Bolide.
  2. congrats! I AODRE the Bolide - SUCH a great bag!!
  3. Congrats!!!
  4. I can't wait to see your new bag.... MillStream!!:wlae:
  5. Oooooh details!!! Can't wait...another bolide fan here lol....
  6. omgd, do not make us wait for pics. details, details!!!
  7. Here's another Bolide fan (hopefully my next bag!)
    I can't wait to see what this perfect bag is!!!
  8. So GT, what combo are you looking for in a Bolide? (since Mills won't elaborate, and we could be here for hours!)....
  9. Congrats Mill! Can't wait to see what you chose!!!
  10. Oh, congratulations. Give us details.
  11. Still at the office, so I'll give some hints. It's 37cm and has the cutest slouch.
  12. ^ sounds gorgeeee!

    GF, I know I want Chevre and something bright and fun! Both of my other H bags are classic colors and Togo, so I'm thinking of a Twin to yours in Vert Anis! Or maybe Potiron, although it may be too close to the gold.
  13. :yahoo: 37 mou!!!! YAY

    Hey, can you hint at the color family???

  14. Wow...Millstream!! Congratulations!! You'll love the Bolide....the Best and very descreet!:yes:
  15. OMG! Get the twin to mine!! You will LOVE IT!!!!! :yes: SUCH a great skin/colour for the Bolide, IMO.