A conundrum

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  1. Okay, so here is my latest dilemma. I had bought a Paddington in dark grey (already have the red). Even though I like it I have been a bit wishy-washy about it; wondering if maybe 2 was overkill and if I should have gotten a different style. I love the color and the leather but I want to be sure the Paddington will be timeless enough to be worth the investment of two $1500 bags.

    Anyway, I was in Saks today and they had just gotten in a couple of the 2.55 reissue in the vintage-y leather. They had the large in dark gray with the silver chain strap. It is really beautiful and I have been wanting it for awhile. Now I cannot decide if I should just keep the PAddington and forget the Chanel or if I should return the PAddington and get the Chanel one. Both are dark gray so I cannot justify having both. The Chanel costs more - $2090 as opposed to $1500 - but it may be more timeless. The Paddington can fit more stuff although the Chanel is a decent size. I have the 2.55 in black in the Chanel.

    Opinions PLEASE!
  2. return the paddy, go for the chanel. it really makes a statement. i LOVE the paddy, but i have a concern that it won't be as timeless as one would hope at that price... no worries about that with a chanel!:amuse:
  3. get the chanel!!!!!! don't even hestitate!!!! its timeless!
  4. Chanel!!
  5. Wow, it looks like the votes are overwhelmingly for the Chanel! Is it because you prefer it to the PAddington in general or just that you all aren't that into the dark gray Paddington?
  6. Sorry but I'm not that into the dark gray paddy but since you are already wishy-washy about your 2nd paddy, this is just going to keep on bugging you until you do something about it. For a $1500 price, I just think the idea of having another emotional distress is just not worth it. Plus how many times does Chanel re-issue their classic pieces? I just think Chanel will stand the longest as a "classic" bag compares to Chloe.
  7. The Paddington is nicer in the whiskey and the chocolate, I agree. I just love gray bags and have been wanting one for awhile...I heard Phoebe Philo is leaving Chloe and the fear is that the house will not be as strong without her. In any case I am just so darned indecisive. I do love that Chanel one; it is just gorgeous and my sister liked it much better than the gray PAddington as well...I kind of wish I had gotten the whiskey Paddington instead; then I could justify having both.
  8. I would go for the re-issue ofcourse. :love:
  9. The paddington is nice in grey, but much prettier in red, whiskey or chocolate. I would go for the Chanel, I wouldn't think twice about it!
  10. Chanel!
  11. Chanel, hands down. Chanel, especially the re-issue isn't going to stick around for that long. I'd get it while you can. Plus, you're not missing out, you already have a Paddy.
  12. FendiBagLady,

    It sounds to me (from reading your posts) that you want the Chanel one instead. :smile: My only question to you is, can you afford the Chanel one or is the price difference a major issue?

    If most people responding to your post had said "keep the paddy" would you have been more relieved or dissapointed? I tend to find that deep down we already know the answer we are looking for, sometimes we just need the reassurance.

  13. You are totally right about needing reassurance! The price issue is a factor but not a major one because once you are investing $1500, $500 more isn't going to make or break you. Better to invest $2000 wisely than $1500 on something you are not IN LOVE with. My issue is that I want both! I am so greedy :sad2: I want another Paddy AND I want the Chanel, and I cannot afford both right now. I would need to wait a couple weeks before getting one or the other.

    I have wanted that Chanel for ages but I had resigned myself to thinking I would never be able to get it. When I saw it today it threw me off because a whole new option opened up. And I am so tragically indecisive. But I think the Chanel would be the better buy.
  14. I say go for the chanel and send the grey paddy back and order it in wisky to arrive in march. solves all your problems.
  15. Order it from NM?